Mother’s Day 2017

Hello, World.

Mother’s Day is today! With law school finals and a Joint Journal Competition (to become part of a law review journal), I nearly forgot I was coming home Mother’s Day weekend. That probably sounds terrible (finals makes you forget most things), but I do love Mother’s Day. My mom and I have a very strong, close relationship. Think Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls; we’re more like best friends. In light of the Mother’s Day celebration, I wanted to share a bit about my relationship with my mom, who is one of the kindest, most beautiful people I know.


My mom and I look fairly different at this point in our lives. I have dark hair, she’s a blonde! So, while we may not look very similar on the surface, we actually are very similar beneath the surface. I think our similarities come from the closeness of our relationship. We’ve always kept each other accountable. When I’m being totally ridiculous, she lets me know. When I think she’s overreacting about something unrelated to parenting, I let her know. I think the foundation of our relationship is respect. I respect my mom tremendously, and she’s always respected me, and encouraged me.

So, how are we similar, you ask? Well, we both love coffee dates, and our idea of a good afternoon is going to the bookstore, flipping through magazines, and chatting with each other. We love renting movies, and making ourselves sick on Red Vines. We also love to go shopping together. My mom owned a clothing store when she was younger, and her sense of style is something I’ve definitely inherited. She always encourages comfort and ease, while still looking put together. Sometimes when we shop, I pick something out, and she immediately looks at me and goes, “that’s really cute, but do you think you’ll be able to wear it much?” However, don’t let comfort and ease translate to lack of style. When my mom was 17, she went to London, and her outfits were so elaborate – on the surface. Still, she was comfortable and warm while wandering around the city! Also, I love this photo from her trip because she had darker hair, and I think we look similar:


It can be hard to find styles that are comfortable, but also look great and fit well. is a personal styling website, that sends you a perfectly curated box to fit your style preferences. It’s personal styling to your doorstep! The hassle of sifting through clothing that is often sized confusingly (why am I one size at Anthropologie and a different size at another store?) The grief that often comes with shopping is taken away through, which sends items selected specifically for you.

Now that I live in Virginia, and she’s still in California, I’ve come to cherish our hour-long phone conversations. My mom’s a sensitive person, but not in the negative “oh she’s so sensitive” way. Rather, she’s extremely empathetic, something that hasn’t always come easy to me, but I’ve gotten better at expressing because of my mom. She also thinks of others always. I think as a twenty-something law student it’s easy to fall into a self-centered existence, but my mom always encourages me to think of others, and try to be mindful of what others may need or want from me. She also encourages me to be silly. I’m a fairly uptight Californian, and I definitely take myself too seriously at times. My mom, though, has always forced me to laugh at myself, and be more relaxed.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sometimes we drive each other crazy, probably because we’re so similar. There are people who say we’re too close, that have a more Emily [from Gilmore Girls] approach, and believe that mothers and daughters cannot be best friends. I think that’s a fairly bleak outlook. I would be a completely different person right now if it wasn’t for mom’s unconditional, endless support and love. In high school, I used to swear I would never be my mother… probably because that was the angst-y teenage thing to do. But today, I’m definitely my mom. In fact, for Christmas my sister got me a little sign for my room that says, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all.” And I’m thankful it’s true because my mom is truly a kind, gentle person who forces those around her to be better purely because of her genuine spirit.

So, this Mother’s Day I’m toasting my mom and all the other mothers. Thank you to my mother for her kindness, her encouragement, and her endless devotion to her children. I imagine being a mom is not an easy feat, but my mom makes it look effortless.


Callie leigh

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