Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!

If you have that someone special, I hope you have a great celebration, whether large or small. If you’re single, I wanted to share my favorite last minute [G]alentine’s Day activities.

  1. Go See that Movie! Call your single friends, and head to the theatre, get the large popcorn, and enjoy a movie!
  2. Baking Night. Bake some cookies or a cake, and eat all the sweets!
  3. Margaritas and Tacos. Taco Tuesday comes every week, but maybe go ahead and get that extra marg or taco, and spend time laughing with your best friends.
  4. Go to a Workout Class. Hey, if you’re single, go ahead and hit the gym with friends for a boxing, yoga, or spin class. It’ll feel good to be productive!
  5. Watch How to be Single with a popcorn bar. Go to the store, get a bunch of candy and toppings, and your favorite popcorn. Then make your own blend of popcorn, pop in How to be Single, and laugh your ass off (seriously, this movie is amazing, and will probably be how I spend my night after studying!).

Above are just five ideas, but I personally think Valentine’s Day can be spent in many ways! I also am a firm believer you have to love yourself before you can get serious with someone else. So, spend today working on YOU, pampering YOU. If you’re newly single, call your friends, and do a fun activity to get your mind off the inevitable comparison to previous V-Days.


Callie leigh

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