How to Have Better Skin

Hello, World.

As far as skin goes, I’ve been pretty blessed. I never struggled with acne, and I would flip over about the one zit I got every six months or so. However, when I’m stressed, my skin does reflect the stress more than I like. But today I wanted to share my top tips for getting better skin!

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  1. Never (I repeat, never) Sleep with Makeup. I know it can be hard every once and a while to feel motivated to take your makeup off (super late study nights, after getting home from the bar, etc.), but I really think taking a minute to wash your face will improve your skin. I used to sleep with makeup pretty often in high school, and while I didn’t have massive breakouts, I definitely noticed my skin wasn’t as healthy. You have to give your skin time to breathe, and time to replenish itself!
  2. Drink Plenty of Water. I can usually tell when I haven’t been drinking enough water because it usually shows up in my skin. My skin starts looking thirsty (hopefully that doesn’t sound weird), but honestly, my skin gets SO dry if I’m not drinking enough water.
  3. Moisturize! This sort of goes along with drinking plenty of water, but I think adding moisture to your skin is vital. I love my moisturizer (I use Philosophy Renewed Hope in a jar), and my skin looks so much better with the use of daily moisturizer. I also recommend using a clarifying lotion from Clinique twice daily. It cleanses your skin, and allows the moisturizers to better serve your skin!
  4. Clean Makeup Brushes. I feel like cleaning makeup brushes is one of the better skin tricks that is often overlooked. Think about how much makeup gets left in the brush. Putting old, dried out makeup on your skin is not ideal, but what’s worse is when bacteria builds in the brush, and you keep rubbing it over your skin. Rather than leave bacteria there to multiply, clean your brushes. Once a month is a good start, but try to work up to once a week!

I know skincare can vary on the person, and if you have something that works, maybe implement one change at a time! I do think, however, making a more conscience effort to do each of the above things has improved my skin. It’s not dry, not dull, and feels plumper!


Callie leigh

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