My Words for 2017

Hello, World.

2017 is already going by quickly. With the summer job search and second semester in full swing, I feel like the year needs to slow down a bit! This year I set some goals for myself, which include working out more, eating healthier again, and taking time each day to do something for myself (which recently included watching Parenthood before bed. I highly recommend!). I’m not a big “resolutions” person. I think people set them, and then get busy, and go back to old habits. So, I set small, measurable goals. I also chose two words I’d like to see more actively in my everyday life. The two words I chose are genuine and gratitude. Let’s hear it for the ‘g’ words.

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The reason I chose the two words is because lately I feel a bit disconnected. Law school and moving across the country was a huge adjustment, and I felt SO confused and just generally out of sorts for much of my first semester. I also missed the authentic, real, meaningful relationships from college. I was missing my two best friends so much, and I definitely missed the collegiate, community feel of Saint Mary’s. This brings me to my first word: genuine. I want to nurture the genuine connections I feel I have, and only leave room for genuine people and things. I’m not big on small talk, and I tend to put the energy into people who I feel have good intentions. If I feel like the relationship is surface level, it’s hard for me to try hard to keep the person around. So, I want to focus on the genuine people.

For my second word, gratitude kept coming up when I was making my December Daily album, and the word kept sticking out. I think we all feel gratitude about the people or events in our life, but we are not as good as showing gratitude. This year I’d like to express my gratitude more frequently and more genuinely. I have a lot to be grateful for, and I would like to challenge myself to thank those who make so much of my life what it is. I also welcome you to join me in this challenge, as I think it would be beneficial to everyone!

What are your goals for 2017?

Callie leigh

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