My New Beauty Routine

Hello, World!

While home for the holidays, I ran out of some of my normal beauty products, and my hometown recently opened an ULTA, which my mom wanted to check out. So, we went, and I picked up some new products. I had been a bit unhappy with the products I was using. It wasn’t necessarily the product I didn’t like, they were good quality, but I was feeling a bit down, like I looked tired and dead all the time. Now, part of this very well may have been law school related. I was stressed and worn out, but I wasn’t happy about the fact that I looked even worse than I felt. So, all that is to say I wanted a change. I used to use IT Cosmetic products, but I found the concealer a bit cake-y.


I asked some of the women working at ULTA about concealers, since I get super dark circles under my eyes, and most are either really heavy and feel sticky, or are light but also wear off quickly. I also wanted a more full-coverage foundation, new eyeliner, new mascara, and blush. So basically I wanted a new face. Sort of.

However, the Clinique representative was working, and she introduced me to the biggest game changer, which has made my skin look the best it’s ever looked, and it feels SO clean. What is the magical product, you ask? The Clarifying Lotion. Seriously, it’s insane how unclean my skin must have been before I started using this product. I usually wash my face, take my makeup off using remover (I prefer the Philosophy remover “Just Release Me”). So once I finish removing the makeup, I then take a damp cotton pad and wipe excess off my face. Then I use the Clarifying Lotion, and let me just say, there is a lot of gunk on my face that comes off, which I was missing previously. Just totally missing and having the gunk sit on my face, then reapplying makeup over it the following morning. Gross, right? The little pad in the above photo is what came off when I used the Clarifying Lotion! So, now I’m using the clarifying lotion, and I feel like my skin is so much cleaner, and my makeup goes on easier, my moisturizer soaks into my skin, and feels healthier, and basically it’s what I already said: a game changer. I highly recommend you getting a Clinique Clarifying Lotion (they have various for different skin types) if you want your skin to feel better! Also, this is not sponsored in anyway, I just really love the stuff.

Other changes I made to my routine?

I picked up the Clinique mascara, which I really like. I also got the IT cosmetics blush in a plum color, which is very pigmented and is more like a stain so it last HOURS. Third, I got the IT Cosmetics concealer, which goes on so easily and is so smooth, long lasting, and doesn’t feel cake-y (note: I got the concealer in a pot rather than a tube and found I love the pot but didn’t love the tube version). Additionally, I got the Urban Decay highlighter powder in Sin, and I love it! I put it just above my blush on my cheeks, near my hairline, and down my nose. It shimmers just enough without looking like a glitter machine threw up on me! I also switched from the Kat Von D eyeliner to the Clinique one, and love it. It goes on evenly and not too thick. Finally, I got the IT Cosmetics foundation liquid in LIGHT, and the illuminating one. It goes on so easily, and doesn’t feel heavy, but offers full coverage. While all the products are great, I think sometimes changing the routine is what makes the biggest difference. I was feeling like my makeup wasn’t doing what I wanted it to, and I spent time putting it on only to watch it wear off or not even really brighten my face. So, I changed it. And now I feel like the products make me look brighter, and happier, and more well-rested. We will see how they hold up once the new law school semester starts (insert stressed facial expression here).

What makeup are you loving right now?

Callie leigh

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