Life Update

Hello, World.

I wanted to do a quick life update! In short: life is crazy busy. Someone asked me at one of review sessions the other day how I have time to blog while going to law school. The answer was easy: blogging is what I do for me. It’s something I love, that I do purely because I enjoy it, and feel that intelligent, stylish women are a great community to be part of. Anyway, I wanted to share some Instagram highlights from the last few weeks, which have mostly consisted of studying, organizing, and looking forward to the holidays!


In order to make fall feel more real, I went a little crazy at Bath & Body Works. I bought the Caramel Woods candle, the leaves candle, and the Salted Caramel candle. All are amazing, so I’ve been rotating them. I also got a Leaves wallflower and Tis The Season. My mom uses both scents at home, so my room feels a little more like home now. IMG_0318.jpg

While strolling through Colonial Williamsburg last weekend, I found this red plaid scarf, which I LOVED. I also loved that it was under $30, and is 100% cashmere. I thought it was a typo, but definitely couldn’t pass it up! IMG_0341.jpg

I love studying in coffee shops, and I discovered a coffee shop in Williamsburg that is perfect! It has avocado toast, and delicious chai lattes. It also isn’t too crowded, but still have great energy. I’m so productive when I’m around other people being productive! IMG_0277.jpg

RED CUPS ARE BACK. This year’s Starbucks’ red cups are perfect. I love the idea of using customer designs, and having multiple cups. My goal is to get one of each throughout the season!

And finally, Thanksgiving is next week, and then its pretty much go time from the following Monday through my last final. Law school finals are a scary beast, but I’m trying to remain positive and balance work and relaxation. Cramming and spending every minute studying doesn’t seem like the best approach, so I plan to do work each day, and review, but I also don’t want to overwork myself!

How’s you week going?


Callie leigh

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