Sunday Six


Hello, World.

Today is Sunday, which means it’s time to share 6 inspiring things! This week is a busy one for me, but I think finding little pieces of inspiration each day makes stressful times go quicker!

So, let’s get to the inspiration.

First up, Katy Bellotte, of HelloKaty, is keeping a journal while she studies abroad and the whole thing is absolutely stunning! Seriously, if she started selling it, I’d buy it. I wish I had her journal skills! She’s been sharing tidbits on snapchat, but she promises a full YouTube video showing each page soon, and I’m definitely watching!


Second, I adore vintage style. I don’t personally feel I can really pull off the vintage flare, but I recently discovered Madisons McQuary’s blog, which is all about that vintage touch. It’s so cute and totally inspiring!

Third, Farmgirl flowers are seriously incredibly beautiful! I would SO order myself a bouquet of these beauties. In need of a little pick me up and inspiration in your day?

Fourth, wrote an article about American Girl Dolls ranked by betchiness, and it is basically the best thing ever. I had a few dolls when I was little, and I loved them so much. But I think being older and more detached makes me just crack up at this article.

Fifth, I’m loving fall scented candles. About two weeks ago I stopped into Bath & Body Works and picked up a few candles and wallflowers. The scent I’m loving most is Caramel Woods!

Sixth, the Tuckernuck Tartan treatment Thanksgiving outfit idea gallery is giving me some serious style goals and pumpkin pie cravings! Seriously, so many plaid and fall vibes!

Callie leigh

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