Halloween Costume: Gilmore Girls

Hello, World.

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a fun, safe, candy-filled Halloween. This was my first Halloween out in a while. When I was an RA, I was either working or ended up doing something really low key (like getting Chipotle and having a Halloweentown marathon. I know, my life was thrilling). Every year my law school has a Halloween party, and so my friends and I went to that to celebrate all hallows eve. It was a great time, and we had fun talking to our classmates, and getting to know people we maybe hadn’t talked to previously. Anyway, the best part of the night was our costumes. I’ve wanted to go as Rory Gilmore for years, but it never seemed relevant enough, and I thought people wouldn’t know who I was. BUT, with the revival happening, I felt like this year was the perfect year to go as her, and luckily my roommates were on board with going as Luke and Lorelai! So, without further ado, I wanted to share our costumes.


This costume was surprisingly easy! However, after checking Kohl’s and Target for a plaid skirt, and realizing apparently plaid isn’t in this year, I was almost about to give up.  Luckily, we checked the Goodwill store, and found this gem of a skirt. I also found the button down and cardigan. I had the socks and flats! So all in all, this costume cost me about $15, which is WAY better than any costume you could get from a store.

As for our Luke, my roommate Devon, she bought a red t-shirt and some yellow felt and made a Luke’s shirt, then used a flannel, baseball cap, and jeans she had. So, another easy costume. And she got tons of compliments because she was the most recognizable, especially with the recent pop-up Luke’s that happened all over the country.

My roommate Katherine, who was Lorelai, had the t-shirt and shorts, and borrowed the cowboy boots from our friend, Bailey (who was the cutest witch, but who I sadly didn’t get a photo with).

To finish it off completely, we picked up to go coffee cups, and I made the Luke’s coffee sleeves for them. We put our beverages in them, and were off for a fun night!

This Halloween was a success, and I was so excited to finally be Rory Gilmore, a costume I’ve wanted to do for so long!

Hope you have a successful Halloween! And if you already celebrated, hope you had a great time!


Callie leigh

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