Sunday Six


Hello, World.

I’m here with the Sunday Six! It’s that time of the week again where I share six things I’m loving or that got me thinking or that just really appealed to me. So, without too much preamble, here are my six for this week:

(1) The Pretty Little Liars cast got matching tattoos. of their characters’ first initial on their fingers. PLL is one of the few shows I’ve stayed with for all the seasons. Even with Gossip Girl, I fell off the bandwagon around season 5, but with PLL, I’ve always watched on Tuesday nights. I can’t believe the show is ending. It’s been so present for the last seven years. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for the cast to say goodbye to Rosewood and the liars!

(2) Lauren Conrad is giving me all kind of home goals with her all white kitchen. Seriously, I cannot wait until I’m a homeowner and can do something like this!

(3) The selection of flats from Tablot’s right now is actually SO amazing. I have the black pair of these flats, and they are so comfortable and lovely. I’m obsessing over the plaid pair!

(4) Okay, I understand Halloween hasn’t officially happened, and neither has Thanksgiving, but I’m not going home until Christmas, so I’m trying to summon Christmas vibes a bit prematurely. The selection of holiday PJs is just too amazing right now at Victoria’s Secret.

(5) If you want to get more informed about the day-to-day news, I recommend
The Skimm. It’s the lightest news source. It keeps current events short and sweet, with a healthy dose of sarcasm. I read it every morning in bed, and it keeps me informed without the drama that is so pervasive right now.

(6) Hello Katy is one of the few YouTubers I watch whenever she posts a new video. She’s studying abroad in Italy right now, and I’m low key jealous. Anyway, she posted this video a while back, and it’s been on mind ever since. She makes a lot of important and strong points. We gotta remember to live, and enjoy, and do what makes us happy.

Anyway, there you have 6 things keeping my life a little more interesting this week!

Callie leigh

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