My Reaction to the Gilmore Girls Revival

Hello, World.

At this point, you’ve probably heard that Gilmore Girls is making a comeback in a four-part revival series on Netflix. Well, they recently released the first trailer (imagine me jumping around and yelling with joy). 

It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Also, can we just appreciate how much the camera quality has increased in 9 years? This trailer is so clear compared to the original seasons. Anyway, I wanted to share my reaction to the trailer.

For those who aren’t aware, one important fact about me is that Gilmore Girls is my absolute favorite show of all time. I actually cried the first time I watched the trailer. Rory is me for most of my high  school and college career. I related so much to her character (and yes, I acknowledge there are problematic aspects to her character, but for the most part she got me through high school). My best friend from college and I are both HUGE fans. We love the show, and a conversation about the show is how we became friends. Funnily enough, it was about the episode “The Bracebridge Dinner”, which I’m currently on (I’m re-watching the series… again). Anyway, Gilmore Girls is a huge part of my life, and it’s my go to whenever I’m upset, sad, homesick, happy, celebrating, in need of motivation, etc. I can always find an episode that’s relevant to something I’m going through.

Anyway, a revival is a dream come true, and I’m praying it lives up to my expectations. But anyway, here are my impressions about the new trailer:

(1) Emily Gilmore is wearing jeans (JEANS!!). Times have changed.

(2) It’s going to be absolutely heartbreaking when they address the death of Richard Gilmore.

(3) All of Rory’s boyfriends make a comeback. I imagine she’ll be good friends with Jess, Logan will be doing something important and probably dating someone, and Dean will be in Stars Hollow, doing something uninteresting (sorry Dean shippers).

(4) Luke and Lorelai are together and happy and that’s enough, but I will be SO irate if they split up by the end of the series.

(5) Rory is Jack Kerouac-ing it. Seeing Rory unsure and struggling is something that is much needed and very relatable. I think this will give Rory a more human-like, flawed aspect, which is something missing from the first 7 seasons. I want to see her find what her passion is. I’m excited to see how 9 years out of academia have affected her.

(6) Paris seems to have an important place at Chilton (headmistress, perhaps?)  and I’m 100% okay with it. Seeing her as a headmistress would be too good. My favorite line of hers? “No, it’s national baptism day, tie your tubes idiot.” when asked if it’s raining (I believe this is season 4, but I could be wrong).

(7) Kirk has somehow and for some unknown reason crashed Friday Night Dinner. Who really knows, but I want to know why!

(8) I’m so excited to see the cast of characters from Stars Hollow doing their thing. I can’t fully comprehend that any of it is real. However, I think regardless, it’ll be great. Amy Sherman-Palladino is a goddess of the written word, and the cast beautifully translates the words to screen.

How excited are you for the Gilmore Girls Revival? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Callie leigh

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