Law School Spotlight: 8 Weeks in with Carina

Hello, World!

Today I am happy to bring you the third installment of the two months in portion of the law school spotlight series. If you haven’t read about the law school admissions process be sure to check out four perspectives: Evelyn, Sam, Carina and Camille. Also, if you missed the first installment, Evelyn shared her experience, so check it out, and Sam also shared her first 8 weeks at Michigan State Law. I love hearing about other people’s experiences, and I hope you do too. Law school is hard, and can make you question a lot, but I think it’s good to hear from others about their experiences. It feels less lonely.

Here is a photo of Carina competing in the Negotiations competition at UC Davis (she’s the last one on the right).


Now, here is what Carina has to say about her first two months of law school at King Hall.

“Well, I just finished Week 8 of law school at UC Davis. I have already made some amazing friends and am learning so much so quickly! While these two months have passed by so quickly, the days seem long. October is for midterms and we are feeling it. However, there is some comfort in our collective struggle. I had my first midterm this week in Civil Procedure and I feel as if I did fairly well, but I think every one of my classmates is brilliant so I know they probably did well too!

My favorite part about Davis is the people. I feel very comfortable here and I have surrounded myself with a lot of supportive people. The sense of community is strong at King Hall. This was the main reason I chose UC Davis for law school, but it’s nice to actually see and feel the community that was so talked about at the Admitted Student’s Weekend. I also love biking to and from class and the college-town feel of Davis. I did not have this experience in undergrad, so I’m glad I am able to experience it now in law school.

Getting involved with campus clubs is easy when there is such a welcoming community. I am the 1L Representative for the King Hall Labor and Employment Law Association as well as a BARBRI Representative. I was also a finalist in the 1L Negotiations Competition a few weeks ago, which was a really fun and enlightening experience. I plan on trying out for the Negotiations team in the winter.

Overall, I feel as if I am finding a second home here at King Hall. With times getting stressful, it is important to rely on friends, both new and old, and fall back on hobbies or habits that keep you grounded. Personally, I find exercising, attending church regularly, and taking time to enjoy the little things in life have kept me focused thus far. Maintaining these habits will be challenging as the semester progresses, but I keep reminding myself that they are beneficial to my overall well-being not only as a law student, but as a human being.

I say to myself, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” This reminds me that I am blessed to have the wonderful opportunity to attend law school and that not everybody even gets to the place where I currently find myself.”

Thanks, Carina! It’s awesome to see you getting so involved. I think getting involved helps us feel at home in a new environment, and is definitely important!

Callie leigh

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