Fall Break ’16

Hello, World!

Today was my first day of classes after the fall break, which was a lovely four day weekend. I was especially excited for this break because my aunt and uncle we’re visiting from California. I’ve been a bit homesick, so having familiar people and family around is so nice. I took full advantage of the break, and tried to refrain from overworking. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to show my aunt and uncle around Williamsburg. They actually visited years ago, and when they found out there was a college here they told me about it because they thought I’d love it here. Little did we know I’d end up here for law school! Anyway, I wanted to share glimpses of my break!

On the William and Mary campus, there is this beautiful bridge, Crim Dell, that looks straight out of a fairytale book. Even better, legend has it that if you walk across the bridge with a significant other you’ll marry them, or just end up with them forever. The bridge is gorgeous, though, and I’m so excited for the surrounding trees to change color. vsco-photo-3.jpg

We went to Jamestown, VA! It was awesome. I love living history sites, and this one represents the beginning of America, which is eerie. Also, 141 people came in ships that were SO small. Its hard to believe that people struggled so much to come to the “New World.” vsco-photo-2.jpg

We also tried to go to Yorktown, but because of Hurricane Matthew, there was a power outage and the town was closed. Hopefully I can go in the future and actually see more of the town, but the waterfront was beautiful. vsco-photo-1.jpg

We also toured the Governor’s Mansion, which was awesome. I’ve been DYING to go! It’s SO pretty from the front and outside, but the gardens are amazing. They feel like you’re in France or somewhere where the monarchs ruled for centuries. It’s funny to think, also, about the fact that the people living in this mansion didn’t have technology, so liked to go around gardens, read near the canal, and just enjoy your surroundings.

It was an amazing weekend! I feel revived and happy to return to school. I’m not going home for Thanksgiving, so I still have about 2 months before I go home. It’s hard being away, but I’m so busy I don’t totally notice how much time is left or passing. Still, it’s been so so lovely having family near. There’s something to be said for getting a big hug from a familiar face!

Callie leigh

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