5 Ways Law School Is Like High School

Hello, World.

The more I talk to my fellow law students, the more I feel like we agree that law school, in many ways, feels almost like a return to high school. It’s funny because law school should, in theory, feel so grown up and mature, but so many aspects of it feels more like I’ve returned to high school. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that make it feel more grown up, but I thought it’d be funny to share 5 ways in which it is like high school.

  1. Cliques are not dead. For the most part, everyone is friendly. However, there are definitely groups that aren’t as inviting as others. The funny thing is is even Saint Mary’s had cliques to an extent, but so many people were friendly, regardless of who they hung out with on Friday night. I don’t want to generalize too much because most people are really nice, but there are some groups that most people see as a bit more exclusive than inclusive.
  2. Bring your boxed lunch. I don’t know the last time I had to pack a lunch, I don’t even think I did that in high school, actually, but it feels funny to get up every morning and have to remember packing a lunch.
  3. Driving to school. Since I lived on campus for four years, I haven’t driven to school since high school, so in that way it does feel a bit more like high school.
  4. Dating is weird and limited. When I was in high school, people coupled off in the sixth grade and even if partners shifted, dating was rough and limited and complicated. Similarly and also differently, in law school a lot of people are married, so the dating pool is limited. BUT, on the bright side, ain’t nobody got time to pursue a new relationship, so enjoying single life is actually fun.
  5. You feel like you have a bedtime. Although my “bed time” is later, I do try to get in bed at a reasonable hour so that I can treat law school like a job and make sure I’m really alert in class. I also do all the homework, and study a ton. I feel like I did this in undergrad, but the ability to slack a bit was a lot more prevalent.

So, while this is more indicative of my experience alone, I wanted to share. It’s funny to me that I feel like I’m more in high school than anything, but oh well! I’m interested to see how the rest of law school goes.

Callie leigh

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