Fall Inspiration

Hello, World.

I am one of those fall obsessed people who gets to September 1st, and thinks its time for boots, sweaters and jeans. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t seem to be with me since it’s still regularly 90 degrees and humid in Virginia. I have been trying to not let the heat get to me, but I’m really really ready to walk outside and feel a crisp chill in the air. In light of my love for fall and my desperation for the leaves to change, I wanted to share a little fall inspiration, meaning items that immediately make me think of fall! Below are items I’m currently loving, and would love to invest in for fall ’16! As a general aside, I’m excited to be somewhere that actually has stricter seasons. I love California, but the weather is almost too perfect because it doesn’t really change too drastically. I’ve heard that VA is beautiful in the fall and too cold in the winter (but is DOES snow!!!). I cannot express my excitement for the coming seasons. I plan to take a ton of photos of William and Mary’s main campus when the leaves change!
Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 12.42.45 PM.png

The above items are all things I absolutely love at the moment! Something I want to get more of? Matching PJ sets. I don’t know why, but having matching PJs make me feel more grown up and put together. I get a set of flannel PJs every year for christmas, and I love them! I also would love another pair of Tory riding boots. I wear mine almost daily during the winter months, and they’re such comfortable boots. I also really want the 6″ Bean Boots. I got the 8″ against my original instinct, and while I like them, I think the 6″ hits the leg in a more flattering place, and are easier to put on and take off. Also, the BP scarf from Nordstrom embodies every fall color, and just screams fall to me. As for the Marley Lilly pullover, people who know me know I cannot resist a good monogram, and I think this piece is just SO cute. It’d be perfect for long days at the library.

If you need a good fall scent, I highly recommend the Leaves scent from Bath and Body works. It smells like fall in more ways than I can explain. A lot of pumpkins and apple scents smell great, but leaves literally smells like a fall day. I just love it!

Are you ready for autumn?

Callie leigh

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