One Month in Williamsburg

Hello, World.

As of September 5, I’ve been in Williamsburg for a month! I absolutely love it here. I 100% made the correct decision when I chose to move across the county, and leave everything familiar and normal to me to embark on this law school journey. While William and Mary is the perfect fit for me, I think it’d be harder to adjust to the move if I didn’t love Williamsburg. I do absolutely love Williamsburg, though. The town is small, and quaint, and reminds me a lot of Stars Hallow for all you Gilmore Girls fans. the town is mainly known for its Colonial section, where people dress up and reenact the days of Colonial America. As a history nerd, I find this part of the place so endearing and awesome.

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There are definitely parts of California I miss, but I think the people I’ve met and just thoroughly enjoying getting to know Williamsburg has made the transition easier. For those that have known me since I was young, I’ve always wanted to live on the east coast at least for a few years. I can now say I’m going to fulfill that goal, which is pretty incredible! It’s definitely scary leaving my family, and I had some pretty intense nostalgia when I saw all my college friends moving back into Saint Mary’s or my fellow graduate returning to SMC for a visit.

The east coast is definitely different than the west coast, but I think Virginia is a great place to start in terms of transitioning because it’s not quite the south, but it’s also not New England. Virginia seems like a good balance, and I think the fact that I’m here for law school makes it more interesting because I’m meeting people from all over. The group of friends I have consists of three New Yorkers, one Alabamian, a Florida girl, a Bostonian, a Texan, and I’ve met a bunch of other people from other parts of the U.S. It’s definitely fun to meet people from other places, since SMC had a really really large CA population.

Differences I’ve Noticed:

In the food and drink department –  VA does not hold back in the portion area (so. much. food.), it’s hard to find really fresh produce, carbs are a very big staple, Chinese Food is so different and not nearly as good as it is in CA. The Mexican food is good, and the Italian is pretty good as well. The crazy amount of healthy choices CA offers basically everywhere aren’t as prominent in VA. The coffee is really good. I took for granted living next to Napa Valley, and now really miss the CA wine selection. Drinks are super cheap, though! Safeway or Raley’s is not a thing, and so finding a good grocery store was interesting.

In the other areas – There aren’t as many bars as I would have thought, but they’re still fun. People aren’t always as immediately friendly as they are on the West Coast (this depends on a few factors, but for the most part people are friendly). William and Mary feels HUGE compared to Saint Mary’s, where it was basically it’s own little island and everything was a five minute walk. No law student actually knows 100% what they’re doing. Things like groceries and gas are SO cheap here. I miss my family and friends a whole lot. I’m loving law school, and my school doesn’t seem quite as competitive as others. There are bugs, and they are loud and huge. A subdivision is a “suburb.” The humidity is no joke. Random storms are straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie, and do occur at the strangest times. Driving in VA is so pretty, every highway is surrounded by trees. Also, all the construction is pretty. No shopping center feels like a shopping center. There is brick everywhere!

Those are just the differences I’ve noticed in the last month, but I’m sure I’ll notice more over the next three years.

Callie leigh

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