Revisiting My Summer Bucket List

Hello, World.

As summer 2016 draws to a close, I wanted to revisit the bucket list I made for myself at the beginning of summer. Though summer still technically still has quite some time, I feel like summer ends once school begins, and I have Law Week, which is the beginning of the legal practice program beginning Monday. So, I’m excited to begin school, but I’m also reflecting on what I did with my two or so months of free time! I spent so much time relaxing at home, and enjoying myself.

Here is the original list that I posted. I did pretty well, but I will say I wish I read more. I got stuck on a dud of a novel, and even though I wasn’t enjoying it, I tried to finish it. While I did finish the novel, I wish I would have just quit it and moved on.

So I completed the following items:

Make S’Mores

Spend More Time Outside

Go to a Giants Game (2 actually!)

Watch Fireworks

Spend Time with Family

Go to Tahoe With Friends

Plan a Trip to Somewhere New (ish! My roommates and I want to explore a lot of new places in the next year)

I did not complete:

-Find a favorite white wine (or more specifically a sauvignon blanc). Maybe I will during the stressful months of law school ahead!

– Read 7 new books. I only read 3. I had a long list of summer reading I wanted to finish, but unfortunately I got so bogged down with the dud that I didn’t get as much reading in. I did read The Vacationers, The Nest, and Sweetbitter (my absolute fave).

What did you do this summer?

Callie leigh

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