Biggest Moving Lessons I Learned: CA to VA

Hello, World.

I am so excited to announce that I am in Virginia, and have officially moved into my first place (not my parents or a dorm!). The place is BEAUTIFUL, and I will be doing a full apartment tour once we get everything more set up. I ended up not having some stuff because I put it in the trunk of my car, which is being ship, and the car is delayed so it hasn’t arrived yet. Anyway, after relocating to a place 3,000 miles from home, I am excited to share the biggest lesson I learned during my move. For full disclosure, I decided to buy everything either online or once arrived, and just packed my clothes and essentials on the plane. I took a red eye flight, and arrived in VA around 11:15 am on Friday. I wanted to get a lot done early so I could get settled faster. I also wanted my room set up so that I could start staying in my place, as opposed to my parents hotel, with my roommates. So, anyway, here are my biggest tips for moving a far distance!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 8.57.29 PM.png

  1. Expect something to go wrong. As I said, there was an issue with the shipping of my car, so I currently have a rental car indefinitely. Hopefully my car arrives soon, but its unclear when it will get here, so I’m trying to just roll with it and stay calm. Also, my bed delivery was kind of insane. The expected hours of arrival was 1-3pm, but I then got notice it was delivered, when it wasn’t, around 4 pm. It was a large ordeal, but the mattress eventually arrived at 6 pm or so the day it was supposed to come. Also, the washer-dryer delivery ended up being off a day.
  2. Know that “estimated delivery dates” are probably inaccurate. I tried really hard to time every item I ordered online to arrive after I arrived. According to estimated delivery dates, I did this, but the key word is estimated. In actuality, things will arrive earlier or later. Luckily my roommates were nice enough to collect the items that arrived early!
  3. Make a separate list for each room. I made a spreadsheet with each room at the top, and then I made lists of everything I needed for each space. This made shopping easier, and made knowing what I still needed at the end of each day easier!
  4. Take small breaks. While I wanted to get set up quickly, I also wanted to make sure that I had time to think about my choices, and think about what I wanted to accomplish when.
  5. Don’t stress if it’s not perfect right away. After a few hiccups in the move (my trunk full of small items), my room still needs a few finishing touches. However, I’m happy with how my place looks now, and I’ll be even happier when it’s 100% done. Also, it’s better to perfect a space over time.
  6. Know that all the hassle with be worth it once you’re set up. Now that I’m basically 100% done moving in, I’m so happy with my place and I love coming home here. I’m looking forward to making it even more of a home, and living with my roommates!

What lessons have you learned while moving?

Callie leigh

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