Trying Lush Again


Hello, World.

After seeing one too many Instagram posts about Lush Cosmetics, and the iconic bath bomb shot, I decided to make a trip to the closest Lush to my home, and invest in some Lush goodies. I remember when Lush first got started, my friend got some of the products and gifted them to me. I think there was a shower gel that smelled like grass, which at the time wasn’t my favorite. I wasn’t as in to natural products, and I wasn’t into fresh smells, I liked floral or even musky scents. Anyway, fast forward to my recent trip to the store, where I asked a woman working there to help me find a good face cleanser and mask. I also wanted to try a bath bomb or two because they seem fun and there’s nothing like pampering your skin!

So, after spending probably too long in the store, I left with a few products that I wanted. I got the sex bomb (jasmine scented) and the twilight bomb (lavender scented). I’ve since used both and was in love. I will probably get many more once I’m settled in my new place because we have a bathtub! I also have heard of people buying bath bombs, leaving them in the bag, and leaving them in a drawer or something in their room to make their room smell good! I may try that soon. The vibrant colors of the bath bombs are just a perk, but the real pleasure comes from the soft, silky feel of your skin after using one.

Anyway, the final two products are face focused. I bought the Cup o’ Coffee face mask because I’d heard good things, and my coffee addiction basically made a coffee flavored mask a must. I tried it, and while I don’t usually use face masks, I really liked it! The caffeine wakes up  your skin a bit, and perks it up. I also bought the Let the Good Times Roll face cleanser, which has REAL popcorn in it. I know, it sounds totally weird, but its actually awesome and smells heavenly. I love it! I’m excited to keep using it, as it’s super creamy and leaves my skin fresh and perky. I highly recommend!
vsco-photo-2.jpgI’m really excited to continue exploring all that Lush offers, and I’m curious to see the ways that the company grows! They recently introduced hair care, but I was reluctant to try it since my sister is a cosmetologist, and I usually ask her before I used hair products.

Have you tried Lush? What are your favorite products?

Callie leigh

2 thoughts on “Trying Lush Again

  1. Great post! I’m the same as you if I’m honest, I haven’t caught the Lush Bug just yet as I can see everyone else around be on the blogging world spend tons of money in there! But I am after a lip scrub to try and make my lips bigger without injects (part of a routine I want to do) and heard that Lush’s lip scrubs are amazing…so maybe when I pop into get that…it’ll start?! x &

  2. Lush is one of my favorites! I agree that there’s nothing like there bath bombs. They have an ocean themed scrub called Rub Rub Rub. I highly recommend.

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