Decorating a Dorm Room into a Home

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With the rustle of back to school sales, and the horrific realization that the sun is going down earlier beginning already, it’s time to talk about those of you going back to college or beginning college for the first time! My favorite and least favorite part of college was dorm living. I hated the small rooms, the feeling of being cramped and having limited ability to decorate exactly how I wanted, but I also loved picking out the items I wanted to use to decorate my space. I loved having a small nook that I could change up every once and a while. Decorating a dorm room is fairly simple in the sense that you have a small space, and can make it totally your own! However, sometimes finding where to begin, or figuring out how to decorate a small space is problematic! Today, I want to share a couple of looks that I found through Havenly that I think are great for dorm spaces. Havenly has a new dorm service, where you can shop their designs for $1000 or $500, and go from there. You can also tweak the rooms to make them your own if you want. I think it’s a great option for those of you who want a great room, but don’t know where to begin.


Shop this look with Havenly

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.01.35 PM.png

Making a dorm room home is based in making it feel like home. If your room doesn’t feel like home, it won’t be a home, it’ll just be a dorm room. Replicating feelings of home come from having a photo or two of those people who make your life complete, and having little prints that make you feel at ease, it’s also about having a bed that is extremely comfortable and makes you feel excited to go back to your room! You want your space to feel like somewhere that you created, that you can be productive in, and where you feel immediately comfortable as you turn your key, and enter the space. Even though you’re away from your home, you can create a new home where you’re at school. Even if you don’t necessarily like your school, or are having a rough patch, I believe that a cozy dorm room can make you feel at ease and at home. I recommend thinking about aspects of your home life that make you feel most comfortable and most at home, and start building a dorm design around that!


Shop this look with Havenly 

I love a good dorm design! One of my favorite dorm room designs is Samantha’s of Preptista. I think her room is just so cute! I love the use of gold, navy, and pink! Even though I’m moving into a townhouse this fall, I think a pretty dorm room is super fun to design! I do recommend buying the most important and most likely to use items first, and add throughout the year in order to keep your room uncluttered! 

What kind of dorm room do you want?

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