Moving Update

Hello, World.

Moving across the country can be stressful. And when I say “can be,” I really mean it is stressful and difficult. I think the most interesting part is that people do this type of thing everyday, and even though I know it shouldn’t be too hard, trying to coordinate shipments, and figure out what I want to buy once I’m there is slightly hard. Have you ever read the shipping and delivery information on various websites? Let’s just say most places leave this section extremely vague. So, trying to figure out when to order what is a bit hard. But all of the aside, I think the more difficult part of moving so far via plane is figuring out how to pack all my clothing! I have to be able to fit it all in suitcases that I am checking at the airport. As someone who has too many clothes, the prospect of this is more than a little stressful. I bought my luggage, and I am, in theory, prepared to begin the packing process.
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.52.01 AM.png

When I say in theory, I mean I have all the equipment, but I have yet to start executing the actual packing process because a) once I begin packing there’s no turning back (not that I want to), and b) I have to accept I’m about 9 days away from take off. I’m so excited, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at all nervous. I’m still a bit freaked out by the prospect of leaving everything I know. Of course I’m nervous, nerves are normal, but I’m also very excited. I’m really looking forward to being in a new place, and exploring a completely new area, and begin law school, something I’ve been anticipating and thinking about for three years! Though I wasn’t necessarily one of those people who thought about law school since I could form my own thoughts, I know it’s the right choice for me, and I’m excited to get in to the next phase of my life.

So, I suppose my moving update is something like “I need to start getting in to the serious part of packing.” I shipped my car, with the trunk stuffed full of winter coats, some boots, a few gifts, and a few of my books. Right before I started seriously packing, I had a bit of a hellish week. First the computer in my car died, which had to be replaced, and then my computer guy told me my computer was unfixable, and that I needed a new one. So, after way too much money spent, I had basically a new car and a new computer. I also realized I accidentally shipped the tote I had planned to take on the plane, so now I’m trying to figure out what to take on the plane as my personal item. Anyway, things are looking up, and I plan to begin packing my clothes later today. Also, my luggage is super adorable, so that counts for something, right?

Callie leigh

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