Best Bags for School

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I am a firm believer that a school bag can be a serious life saver. We all lose our minds a little midway through semesters, but having a good bag, where you can keep all your important stuff, and have a good organization system will at least keep one aspect of your life in check. Today, I wanted to share my top picks for bags that are both functional and stylish. If you’re going to ace a test, or conquer a semester, you should look good while doing it! And if you’re not doing as well as you hoped, at least you’ll look like you know what you’re doing! school bags

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Depending on your school level, your ideal bag might differ. For graduate level programs, a briefcase style is probably more ideal. For high school and early college years, a backpack may make your life easier. For college, especially your second half of college, a tote bag might seem more reasonable. Depending on your personality, decide which style is the most realistic and functional for you!

I used a backpack my first year of college, then I switched to a tote style the second semester of my sophomore year. I like the tote style better, as I felt it had easier access on the go. For law school, I recently invested in a leather messenger bag/briefcase style of bag with a laptop spot. Though some of the above bags seem steep in price, I would recommend investing  in a really great, sturdy bag early, and keeping it for the years you’re in school. I would also suggest choosing something more traditional or staple, like a leather or a neutral so you don’t get sick of it after a semester or year. I would definitely caution against any seasonal prints!

What bag do you use for school?

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