The Perfect Staycation with Crane and Canopy

Crane and Canopy Designer Bedding as seen on Instagram:

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Hello, World.

Doesn’t the woman above look super comfy? During the summer, I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a normal “summer routine,” whatever that may be. Sometimes we’re constantly on the go, traveling all the time, never really having a minute to just stay home and enjoy being home. When the luxury bedding company Crane and Canopy asked me to put together a little stay-cation for myself, I at first thought, well I kind of just go back and forth between home and the cabin, this will be simple. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I stay home, but don’t really treat myself, which is what a stay-cation is about! Also, since I’m moving to Virginia in the near future, I wanted to think about what I will miss most about Chico, and what I would want to do if I dedicated a day or two to just enjoying where I’m from. So I thought hard about my perfect day at home, in my hometown of Chico, and there is what I came up with!


Sleep In & Enjoy a Good Book in Bed

My ideal stay-cation would begin with sleeping in until 9 am or so, and then waking up, making myself an Americano, and getting back in bed to read a good book for an hour or so. Right now, I’m reading The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, so that book would be my top choice! When I’m home, I usually get caught up in my inbox or with family errands that I forget to just enjoy my morning and read my book! Dedicating a day to staying home and enjoying the morning would hold me more accountable to actually relaxing!

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Get a Little Local Color / History

When I was in elementary school, we took a field trip to the Bidwell Mansion, the home of the founders of Chico. When I went, I totally loved it and thought it was so cool. I haven’t been in years, though, and I think a perfect stay-cation in Chico would include a trip to the mansion, and a walk around Bidwell Park, the prettiest local park. I never do this enough, and I think it’d be perfect! The Mansion is also the perfect shade of pink, which I think is so charming!


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Revive with the Best Coffee

When I really want a good cup of coffee from a local place, I go downtown to Naked Lounge, which has Bowls of Soul (a delicious drink!). They also have amazingly good iced coffee and other drinks! If I were to indulge in all the Chico things I love, a stop at Naked Lounge would be a must.

Treat Yo Self

My next stop would undoubtedly be The Upper Crust Bakery, known simply as Upper Crust to Chico locals, which has the BEST gluten free coffee cake I’ve ever eaten. I don’t really make it to Upper Crust that much, but during my stay-cation, it’d be a definite destination. IMG_4088.JPG

Enjoy Time by the Pool

I don’t necessarily tan, but I do think a healthy dose of Vitamin D is an important component to a stay-cation, or any summer vacation for that matter. My parents house has a beautiful backyard, so I would revisit my book from the morning, and lounge in the sun for a bit.


Order In from My Favorite Restaurant, T. Bar!

The place that I always insist on eating when we eat out is T. Bar. It’s a salad and wrap place that also has every kind of tea you could imagine. It’s basically the best food, and I would certainly include it in a stay-cation because I’d want to continue the treat yo self vibes!

whenever I get a house one day it's gonna be more fabulous and tumblr than Harry in those boots of his..Okay maybe not THAT COOL but I mean come on.. It's gonna be fabulous..**dramatic hair flip**:

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Take  a Bath & Do Some Self-Pampering

The best thing to do is take a bubble bath, with some candles and music, and then give yourself a facial! Staying on the treat yo self track, I would begin to unwind after my full day of appreciating all the cool things available in Chico with a bubble bath. I never used to take baths, I was always a shower girl, but lately I’ve rediscovered the relaxing nature of a good bubble bath. I also love giving myself a mini facial or doing things to pamper my skin!

Crane and Canopy Designer Bedding as seen in Hello Natural:

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Return to Bed Early and Read or Netflix

My perfect stay-cation would conclude back in bed! There’s nothing better than crawling into bed after a full day, and this would certainly be true if the bedding you’re crawling into is from Crane and Canopy! Crane and Canopy’s bedding is made with quality fabrics, and are so clean and fresh looking that it’s easy to feel like you’re constantly on vacation , sleeping in the luxurious bedding of high-end hotel. I am definitely considering this duvet cover for my first apartment!

The bedding above is so cute, and I think it’s important to create a bedroom that makes you feel like you’re exiting the mundane routine we often find ourselves in when we’re working or going to school at the end of each day. When we crawl into bed, it should feel like you’re turning all the chaos off, and you can just get the best night’s sleep! Crane and Canopy bedding offers deliciously soft and comfortable bedding, which comes in divine patterns or solids for a simplistic look. The key to feeling like you’re on vacation, even when you’re not, is having a bedroom space that is comfortable and calming, and the Crane and Canopy bedding definitely offers that feeling.

Be sure to visit Crane and Canopy’s website to learn more about their amazing bedding, and the mission of their company!

What’s your ideal staycation?

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