Staying Chic at the Beach

Hello, World.

During the summer, I try to take full advantage of my family’s cabin because during the academic year I’m in nonstop, crazy busy, color coded planner mode, with way too many things to juggle. As soon as June comes around, I want to make sure that I’m taking advantage of days at the beach, lounging with a margarita and a good book while trying, and often failing, to get a tan (usually my tan is just a shade of pink). Being at the beach, it’s easy to let your style slip, and just throw on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, but I like to keep up my style while at the beach. With the attire offered at places such as Spring, staying chic at the beach is pretty effortless. After coming across Spring, I was inspired to put together a little wishlist for summer wear that keeps me looking chic and stylish while at the beach! So, grab a summer beverage, and let’s talk about my top choices for summer beach style!

staying chic at te beach collab with  Spring Fashion.pngLynn One Piece Cut Out Swimsuit | I’m seriously obsessed with this suit. I am a huge one piece fan, call me old fashioned, but I feel like a one piece is just so chic and effortlessly classy. The cut outs on this suit add a retro, younger feel, but the high neckline adds a conservative flare. Also, the back is so cute and unique! The key to looking good at the beach is having a great suit that you feel comfortable in, and sometimes simple is best.

Ella Moss Stella Tunic  | I am a huge fan of easy to throw on cover ups. I think the dress style is the best because it’s effortless to take on and off, but also gives a little nod to your personal style. The pink embroidery on this cover up is so cute, and would definitely stand out on a beach!

Silence + Noise Striped Oversized Hat | There are two types of hats that I always wear to the beach. The first is a great floppy hate. I love the stripes on this floppy hat because it makes it a little more fun, and adds dimension to your look.

Peachy Baseball Cap | The second hat I’ll wear to the beach is a baseball cap. I burn easily, and there is nothing worse than a scalp burn, so a good baseball cap is a must! This one says ‘peachy’ which I think is so cute. It’s a little sassy, which I appreciate. I always try to find a cap that is comfortable, but also cute, and this one is a perfect blend.

A Good Pair of Sunnies | When I go to the beach, I always grab a pair of sunnies. If you’re spending your day in the sun, sunglasses are a must. However, I usually won’t go for my most expensive pair. I want sunglasses that are cute and fashionable, but that I won’t be shielding from sand all day. The black pair above are so perfect, affordable but totally cute and can be worn on and off the beach. I also adore the gold glasses with the blue lenses because I think they basically embody beach vibes. I usually try to add a little variety to my sun glass collection, a black pair is a must but so is a fun colored pair in the summer!

A Denim Slip On Dress | When going to the beach, I want easy comfort, which usually comes in the form of a dress. I think a denim dress is a great option because it’s comfy but also sturdy, and looks good with any swim suit. The little mini denim dress from Spring Fashion is so perfect for a stylish, but functional beach look.

Beach Tote | a beach tote is a must. Depending on your style, there are a lot of options for your beach bag, but I’m always sure to grab a cute bag to take to the beach with me.

Snack Club Key Chain | The worst thing is losing your keys in your beach bag. Therefore, I like putting a cute key chain on my keys that is easy to locate or attach to the strap of my bag. I love this blue one, which has a beachy feel!

Beach Blanket | looking chic at the beach doesn’t have to stop with your outfit, the accessories are just as important. Instead of only having a beach towel, this woven beach blanket is a great option for having something comfortable to lounge on.

Comfortable Sandal | Most people opt for a flip flop while at the beach, but I think the option of having a semi-strappy leather sandal adds a little flare to your beach look. I usually go for a sandal style shoe, rather than just a flip flop. If I do wear a flip flop, it’s usually leather or braided, rather than just the typical flip flop.

The key to a great beach look is staying comfortable and confident while also adding touches of your style. I have a go to beach look, but I switch it up with color pops and texture. Spring offers a lot of options for affordable and stylish beach wear and unique, fun accessories. On the beach, I want to feel confident and stylish while lounging with a great book and getting some Vitamin D.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.37.37 PM.png

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