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I did a post a while back with some inspiration I had for my first place, which is a three bedroom townhouse in VA! I wanted to do a updated series about finding pieces for my first place, and updates about how the design I have in mind for the space. As I’ve mentioned several times, I lived in the dorms all four years of college, and so I’m so so excited to have a space all my own to decorate. Also, the way that the rooms worked out among my roommates means that I will have a bedroom, and then have reign over our loft space to create a little office space. So, for the first time in four years, my bedroom and study spaces are separate. For my bedroom space, I want a very airy, minimalist, and feminine space. I want zero clutter, as dorm life seriously turns you off to overcrowded spaces. I also want clean, white furniture as I’m trying to recover from four years of dingy brown, wooden furniture that’s been through way too much! Anyway, here are the rooms I found on Pinterest that gave me inspiration:

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I love the gallery wall above her bed! I definitely want to create something similar, maybe with a few less items. I do want to add textures, and and add a few inspirational quotes or photos. I think waking up to an inspirational wall, or having it visible right when you walk into a space, is definitely a great way to begin your day. e5c73c695800734755db924f1c5374cb

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The above bedroom is the room of Jess from Bows and Sequins. Seriously her room is perfect, and similar to what I had in mind. I love how airy it feels, while still having plenty of feminine touches. I also feel like her room is very grown up and tailored while still having good mixtures of texture.


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Love the brightness of this space. It feels so clean and feminine. I love the idea of fresh flowers next to the bed, and I love gold touches with blush. Therefore my color scheme for my room will be similar to that of my blog:


Similar to my blog, I plan to do a lot of white, with touches of gold, blush, and navy. I want the main color to be white to keep it light and airy. I plan to get furniture that has a white finish, and white bedding. I plan to reuse the blush quilt I had in my dorm room senior year at the foot of my bed, and then add some fun pillows! I also want to add some gray into the room because I think gray is a calming neutral. Here is a mock up of the bed I want to create, but with a C monogram pillow, obviously! Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.08.09 PM.png

I’ll have a very light gray stripe on my bedding, and a blush quilt on the foot of the bed. I will also have two side tables that I plan to decorate with candles, lamps, and flowers on one and coffee table books on the other. I will also be putting a dresser in my room. But other than that, I am trying to cut down on furniture. Depending on space, I MAY add a small makeup station.

Where are your favorite places to find deals on furniture for a first place?

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