Senior Year Wrap Up

Hello, World.

So, this is my last yearly wrap up as a Saint Mary’s student… and technically it’s also my first wrap up as an alumnus. I cannot believe I graduated already. I’ll probably say that about five more times before summer ends, but seriously, college flew by! I’m so thankful for my entire Saint Mary’s experience, but this post is going to focus primarily on my whole senior year, specifically big umbrella categories. 11986491_1053217188022138_2902915615866196949_n

12295431_1095666547110535_6117606708784054524_n12345536_1095666517110538_2580148987535568682_nThis year being a Resident Advisor was totally different than last year. Despite the fact that I had a hard time adjusting to the RA life my first year, I truly loved my residents. They visited me a lot in my new building this year, which I really appreciated, and hearing some of them tell me that they were proud of me and were glad I was their RA during graduation made me really happy. This year, I was in a new building, and I had a whole new team to work with. I worked in Augustine, so we nicknamed ourselves Aug Squad. Even though we were all different and had different leadership styles, we got along so well and found ourselves hanging out even when we weren’t working or didn’t need to be in the building. I will be forever grateful for their support and friendship.  I also really enjoyed getting to know my residents this year. They were all hilarious, and friendly, and it’s fun to watch people grow and change over the course of their first year. Though I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the RA position, I am glad I did it for two years, and I’m thankful for all the connections it gave me. 12301663_1095667333777123_7113066959321410278_n

My sister getting married was a huge part of my senior year. It was a total whirlwind of a weekend, but her day was beautiful, and I had such a blast celebrating with the family. 13096340_1191836720826850_6661014037318410286_n13096197_1200811176596071_543337299838405103_n13221563_1200811056596083_1863126453344834551_n

As far as friends go, this year was kind of interesting. I started the year thinking I’d be spending my time with certain people, who by the end I barely saw, and I spent a majority of my time with people I thought I’d only see when I was on duty as an RA or with my fellow RAs and closest friend from all four years. I guess stress and busy schedules really proves who you can count on and who will fade to the back. I’m thankful for the people who encouraged me to go out, and really make the most of senior year. I wish I would have stayed closer with some of my friends, but hopefully we can get closer again someday. I’m also thankful for the friends that listened to my endless rants about the LSAT and law school admissions, and who really invested in knowing what was going on in my life. I appreciate when people ask. As an RA, you spend a lot of time dealing with other people’s lives, and you sometimes forget it’s nice having someone to talk to about your own. Anyway, I’m thankful for the friendships that stayed strong and the ones that I developed or strengthened in my last year as a current Gael. 12439309_1125655580778298_7203246235766876467_n12631535_1125655504111639_5205046114820990342_n

For the first time during my time at Saint Mary’s, the men’s basketball team beat the Zags (Gonzaga)! It was such an incredible night, and it was awesome to see all the students come together and totally embrace being part of the SMC community. Being a fist-year RA, you are exposed to a lot of residents who feel like SMC is lacking (whether its fun stuff to do, weekend life, party scenes, whatever), and on this night, everyone was proud to be a Gael, which was really cool to watch. We stormed the court after the game, and it was so much fun! 10399878_1169379713072551_727967075744580334_n12417879_1169379646405891_431423933404739582_n

I got in to law school, and got to visit my future home in March. I was seriously nervous I was going to get there and not like it. I was scared I built it up in my head, and it wasn’t going to live up to my expectations. Well, it did, and I committed within three days of being home. I’ll be moving to Virginia around the first week of August, fulfilling a longtime goal of living on the East Coast for a few years. I’m so excited to move into my townhouse with my roommates, and can’t wait to start the crazy chapter of my life that will be law school. I’m sure it’ll be overwhelming and hard, but I’m so ready. While I’m sad to be moving so far away, I’m also ready for a change of pace and a new adventure. 13119066_1191837840826738_6227664317693416996_n

This group right here though… Honestly they got me through SO much. Even if they don’t know it, they were my support system in really important ways. They were fellow RAs, and that alone meant they understood a lot of my stress in ways no one else truly could. Though we were super busy, we always found time for fun, whether it was girls nights painting and drinking, going to the local bar, or going wine tasting. Or just watching a movie on a Wednesday afternoon because our lives were too busy for evening movies. I love them dearly, and miss them already. I will forever cherish the memories I made with them. 13178784_1200811223262733_5989754177410875807_n

Being a Co-Chair of the Academic Honor Council at my school was such an amazing experience. It’s something I wanted to do from the moment I joined the Council, and I’m grateful I got the opportunity to do so. Jenna, my Co-Chair, was amazing and really good at dealing with me when I was a ball of stress from about October to January. I love the Council, and it was the farewell meeting for the Council that it really hit me I wouldn’t be returning to SMC in the fall. It was also the one farewell event that made me cry. I feel like the Council affected my life in really important ways, and it was really hard to part from it. 13173866_1201897006487488_3089304235710383020_n13177749_1201897039820818_1768937274174409415_n13226886_1201897036487485_8589006728155616980_n

Zero Year was SO much fun. Saint Mary’s Alumni Association puts on this dance/dinner that is called our Zero Year Reunion, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but I had so much fun. They served wine and beer, and we just danced all night. I was glad all my friends were able to go, and we had so much fun hanging out and feeling stress free before finals!

Before senior year started, I put together a little wishlist of things I was excited for or wanted to do, which I revisited a while back, but I wanted to do a last reflection on it.

Being a Resident Advisor in a New Building | I talked about this above! But yes, it transformed my outlook regarding the RA position in many ways.

Spending Countless Moments with My Best Friends | My “best friends” might have changed a bit, but I had way too much fun!

Finishing My Thesis | WHOOO. Done with that!

My Last Jan Term | Awesome experience, though I still wish I could have gone abroad.

Using the New Rec Center on Campus | I actually did this a fair amount at the end of the year. I went with a few of my residents and one of my duty partners to shoot hoops and stuff, and it made me wish I would have gone more.

My Last Gonzaga v. SMC Game as a Current Student| YESSS, again, mentioned earlier!

Serving as Co-Chair of Academic Honor Council | Also already spoke to this.

Applying to Law School | Virginia and William and Mary here I come!

Hiking to the Cross More | This didn’t happen… I wish it would have.

Callie leigh

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