Beauty Favorites

Hello, World.

Today I want to share my favorite beauty products at the moment. Finding good beauty products is a struggle at times because I’m pretty pale, I tend to go through phases of how I like my makeup, and its hard to find products that don’t dry out my skin. That being said, I’ve been learning a lot more about products that continually work for me, and products that don’t work for me.

Benefit dandelion blush: with a hint of shimmer, and the perfect shade of pink, I can apply more or less depending on what look I’m wanting and it always looks great!

Kat Von D tattoo line: I was having a hard time finding an eyeliner that I really liked and that went on thin while still being noticeable. Then a friend recommended this to me, and I immediately loved it! I like it too because I can wear more or less depending on what I’m doing, and it always looks smooth and dark. It’s a cross between gel and pencil.

Urban Decay Shimmer and Nude Primer: Having a good shadow primer is important to me, and the nude anti-aging primer is great for simpler looks or more natural makeup, but the shimmer is fun for having a bit of shine or glitz in your look!

What products are you loving?

Callie leigh

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