New Obsession: Outlander

Hello, World.

A while ago I shared about one of my new obsessions, which was Friday Night Lights. I thought it’d be fun to share something else I’m currently loving. While on duty the other night, I was looking for something to watch, and happened upon Outlander. When I have quiets nights as an RA, I usually try to watch something to pass the time if I don’t have visitors. Anyway, Outlander is a TV series on Starz, and is historical fictions…and addicting. It begins in 1945 with a nurse in WWII, desperately trying to reconnect with her husband through a second honeymoon in Scotland. As she goes to a set of famous stones to collect flowers, suddenly Claire (the heroine) is in 1743 wartime Scotland as the clans of Scotland fight against the British army. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a great story of romance, self-determination, and navigating a society one does not understand. One aspect I really like is how a woman that is form 1945 tries to battle the gender norms of 1743. It’s humorous and horrifying how limited women’s agency was in 1743.

The series is currently in its second season, which takes place in France on the eve of the Jacobite Revolution of 1745. It’s SO good so far, and I’m so excited to keep watching into the summer. outlander_tv_show_2016-t2.jpg

Since I really like the show, and it’s based on a book series, my mom and I are going to read the first book in the series this summer! I love reading for pleasure, and I think this fun read will be a good first read for my first summer as a college graduate! Outlander_cover.JPG

Have you heard of Outlander? Have you read the series?

Callie leigh

Note: all photos courtesy of google images.

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