Senior Year Update: 1 Month Left


Hello, World!

So today marks about 31 days until my graduation! I’m so so ready to graduate and move on to my next great adventure, but I’m also attempting to soak up my last month at Saint Mary’s. I don’t want to rant about how much Saint Mary’s has offered me because I’m going to do a reflection post after I graduate, but I do want to give you some updates about my life right now. As you know, I am an RA this year again, I am working for my college’s Academic Honor Council, and I recently completed the law school process by picking a school! Things are going great!

I recently found roommates for next fall, two ladies I met at admitted students weekend, and we decided to live together. We all had similar approaches to finding a place to live, which was great, and the search was going super well, and then we found what seems like the perfect place! I say “seems like” because we haven’t gotten it yet. One of my roommates is from Alabama, and her dad is going to Williamsburg this week to look at the townhouse we like, and once we get his approval, we’re going to turn in the housing apps and hopefully secure the place. It’s seriously so pretty! So, I may have more to share about that in the future!

My classes are going well, though I’m not a huge fan of my schedule. All my classes are in the middle of the day. It makes productivity a little difficult, since I get back to my room around 3, chill for a bit, make dinner, eat, and then it’s like 7pm and I haven’t done homework yet. I’ve kind of just started getting up early and doing a lot of work in the mornings. It’s not ideal, but so far it’s working for me so far. I’m taking two history classes and an English class, and they’re interesting! My English class is probably my favorite because I like the professor and time period of literature a lot! Anyway, the academic front is going well!

Senior year, as I’ve said before, is a little odd for social stuff. I feel like I have no time but I’m also trying really hard to spend time with the people I won’t see super often after graduation. I’m so thankful for my friend group, and those people who make a point to spend time with me before we all go our separate ways!

How’s your school going?

Callie leigh

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