Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Hello, World.

Sometimes you just need a whole day to be with your friends and relax and not think about all the impending checklists coming your way. For me, that day was a few Saturdays ago when I went wine tasting in Napa Valley with some of my close friend! We met through being RAs together, but over the last year and three quarters, we’ve become great friends! There is something to be said for bonding with fellow RAs. Being an RA is difficult, and it’s hard to fully explain why unless someone is held the position, so we really bond over our work life. Anyway, Megan (Who is wearing the Hunter boots in the photo below) is from Napa, and we’ve been talking about wine tasting there for months. Being RAs, we have to plan everything, so we all sat down at the beginning of March, and picked a weekend that worked for all of us! April 9th was the only weekend we all had free, so that’s when we went, and even though it was raining, we still had the BEST time.


We went to 3 wineries: Grgich, Mondavi, and Beringer Vineyards. At Grgich we tasted their simplest flight, which had a chardonnay, sav blanc, merlot, and cabernet sav. I really liked the sav blanc and merlot! At Mondavi we each bought a glass of wine, with two of us getting chardonnay and two of us getting sav blanc (my go-to!). It was nice to just sit and drink a glass of wine and hangout and talk without feeling the pressure of responsibilities. Megan’s mom was so sweet and volunteered to be our DD, and she drove us around and took photos. Following Mondavi, we went to Gillwoods Cafe, which was SO good. We got breakfast, even though it was 2pm, but it was good to eat a little after wine tasting for a while. To end our official wine tasting, we went to Beringer Vineyards, which had a great flight of several wines. We were able to take our glasses and walk around. The winery was beautiful (even in the rain!). We all laughed and chatted and Megan’s mom was nice enough to take tons of photos of us! We were all joking that we should have just done our senior pictures that day. After Beringer, we wanted something sweet, so of course we went to Bouchon. Because Megan and her Mom are Napa residents, with Napa IDs, we were able to use the Napa Neighbors deal, and all of our tastings were free!


Bouchon Bakery has such great sweet treats and great coffee! I’m obsessed. My favorite thing? Macarons. They have divine, large macarons. I bought five (insert see no evil emoji) to consume over the coming week, which was already looking stressful. I also got a Forget About It (they have a cuter spelling for it, but I can’t totally remember it). The thing is life changing. Let me just explain: it’s a rice krispie, with a layer of caramel, dipped in milk chocolate, with sea salt on top. I know, you’re probably thinking, stopppp. Well, if you’re near a Bouchon and need a little pick me up or just a treat, I totally suggest getting it.

The day was pure bliss, and I’m so thankful for the lovely company, and so grateful that Megan’s mom was willing to drive us around! It’s days like this that I will cherish long after my time at Saint Mary’s College ends. I’m incredibly blessed with amazing peers and friends and I can’t wait to end the year strong with them in the next month!

What’s something you’ve done recently? Have you been to Napa and have recommendations for my next trip?

Callie Leigh

As a general disclaimer, everyone in the photos gave me verbal approval for the photos to be posted on this platform, and we are all of age, drinking responsibly, and had a DD. Just in case anyone is concerned!

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