College Graduation: Gift Ideas

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Graduation is a super exciting time! Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or a graduate program, graduation always represents a new beginning while turning the page on a really awesome experience. College is a time of growth, excitement, and memories, but for a lot of people, then end of college represents the start of a new, exciting and sometimes scary future. If you know someone who is graduating college, you probably understand what I’m talking about! So, today I wanted to share my top picks for getting a gift, whether large or small, for the people graduating. Each gift has a purpose, and is for a specific type of graduate, which I will specify below.

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The Simplified Planner for the Girl Entering the Workforce | Have a friend who already has a job lined up in the city or elsewhere? The Simplified Planner is ideal for a girl transitioning from college life to a full-time job! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stay organized after college, but has a busy work schedule.

The Alumni License Plate for Your Fellow Senior | Know someone graduating from your alma mater or is simply NOT ready to leave college life behind yet? A license plate from the institution is great! This way, a little piece of college will always be with the girl!

The Passport Holder for the Wanderlust Friend | Is one of your friends working for the summer the jet setting around the world for a while? Get her a passport case! I know a lot of friends who plan to do a lot of traveling following graduation, and this is a great gift for them!

A State Cut-Out Necklace for the Girl Leaving Home | Have someone who plans to move for a job or for a graduate program? Get them a little cut out of their home state so home is always close. Another option I love is this necklace I found on Etsy.

A Grown-Up PJ Set for the Girl Working from Home | Is one of your friends working from home or going into the family business? Get her a pair of grown up PJs so she can feel a little more mature! Finally ditch the t-shirt and boxer short attire that college girls wear.

A Pearl Necklace for the Girl Working an Office Job | Give your friend going straight into a 9-5 a little pearl necklace to vamp up the boring nature of an office job!

An I Am Very Busy Phone Case for the Girl On The Go | Is one of your friends constantly running among meetings? Always texting or taking work-related calls? This iPhone case is perfect!

A Leather Tote for the Girl Going to Graduate School | Are some of your friends going to a graduate program (be it medical, legal, or otherwise)? A nice, solid leather tote is the perfect gift! If they use it for classes or just for trips to the library, a leather tote is a great gift for someone continuing their education!

A Travel Coffee Cup for the Girl Taking the Train to Work | Is one of your friends commuting to work everyday? A coffee cup that they can take with them is a great gift!

A Fitbit for the Fitness Buff | Is one of your friends who is graduating someone who wakes up at 5am to hit the gym? Get them a Fitbit, that way they can keep track of their fitness while working!

A Cosmetic Travel Case for the Girl with Business Trips | Someone traveling a lot for work? A cosmetic bag, with a monogram of course, is a great gift idea!

A Copy of All In Good Taste for a Girl’s First Apartment | Is someone moving into their first apartment? A little gift with entertaining secrets is a great gift idea! This is also a great coffee table book!

What do you get college graduates usually?

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