Coffee with Callie

Hello, World.

Every Tuesday, when I’m on duty as an RA, I have an event called Coffee with Callie. It’s a chance for me to bond with my residents over coffee and homemade cookies. It’s the one time a week that I totally dedicate to de-stressing and just hanging with residents. I work with first year students, and they’re just starting college, so it’s fun to see them so excited about SMC, whereas I’m winding down my time here.

Anyway, I really love Coffee with Callie, and so I thought it’d be fun for us to have a weekly coffee date! So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s get to the coffee date portion of this post.IMG_0175.JPG

I want to share with you all what I would share with my friends when we go on coffee dates. My close friends and I get coffee or dinner at least once a week because we’re all really busy, but are invested in our friendships, so we really try to dedicate time to catching up and hanging out!

I’m currently in my senior spring semester, and I’m sort of FREAKING OUT. I try to play it cool, but I fail. People know I’m type-a, and they know I obsess over things, and they know I’m a talker when I’m stressed about something. So, most of my days lately are spent researching schools I’m admitted to, stalking the social media of law schools, and emailing current students to get their perspective. When I’m not researching, I’m doing homework for my three classes, drinking coffee, and organizing hall events/planning things for honor council. Or I’m writing an article for my student newspaper, typically an opinion piece because I’m apparently more opinionated than I realized. I recently wrote an article on the new SAT Redesign, which was fun and interesting. Being a junior in high school feels like ages ago, so it was kind of fun to revisit the SAT (read: not really at all, but I’m glad they’re redesigning it).

As for law school, I haven’t heard from all my schools yet, so I’m not finalizing any decisions. I am the person who has to wait and have all offers in front of me. Then I make pro-con lists. Then I ask a lot of questions. Then I consider again, and maybe make another pro-con list. When I’m done with all that nonsense, I make a decision! I will definitely keep you informed about my final decision, and let you know what I decide. I’m leaving in March to go to one of my schools for an admitted students weekend, and I am SO SO SO excited. I feel like an admitted students weekend will really shed light on whether the school is the right fit for me or not.

So, the last thing I want to talk about is self-doubt. I’m a perfectionist. It’s a problem. I’m really hard on myself and I put a lot of pressure on myself. This can be difficult. This year’s been especially hard because I was applying to law school, and now I’m  waiting to hear back. It’s a stressful time. The longer I don’t hear back, the more I feel like it’s not a good sign. However, I know no news could be good news because it means the admissions office is, theoretically, really reviewing my app. Still, it’s hard to not feel like I’m not actually that qualified, I’m not actually a strong applicant, etc. BUT, then I remember I’m in to one of my top choices, I’m going to law school, and I’m actually a strong candidate! Whenever I have one thought that’s semi-negative, I force myself to name three things that I’m proud of. This sort of (not always) combats my self-doubt! So, be proud to be you if you’re struggling with self-doubt. Everyone is different, but we always have something unique to offer. Sometimes it’s just figuring out what that unique thing is!

How are you? What’s new with you?

Callie leigh

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