Senior Spring… So Far


Hello, World!

It’s the third week of my senior spring semester (AKA my LAST semester). I’m really loving my classes, though I am having a bit of trouble adjusting to my class schedule. All my classes are right in the middle of the day, which I’ve never had before. I’m also only taking three classes (insert the praising hand emoji). It’s a great semester so far. I have some of my favorite professors, and I really love each of my classes. But alas, as the chapter that is undergrad begins to close, the next chapter is still being written.

I’m in to law school, so I know I’m for sure going. I’m just not completely sure where yet. I haven’t heard back from all my schools, and I’m hesitant to make final decisions without having all offers in front of me. The fact that where I’ll be next year is still up in the air is slightly concerning (read: totally scary and stressful). I like having a plan, so it’s hard when my plans are not solidified. However, I’m going to an admitted students weekend at one of my schools on the east coast at the beginning of spring break and I’m so excited (read: ecstatic and stalking the school social media everyday).

Given that this is my last semester of college, I keep having a lot of nostalgia and thoughts. A lot of things have changed since my first year (THANKFULLY), but I also am thankful for everything and everyone that’s stayed consistent and by my side. I’m looking forward to soaking up the final months of my time at my college. I want to thoroughly enjoy my classes, succeed, and finish with a bang. I also want to really take advantage of being in the same place as my college friends. Some friends I can already feel distance with, and that makes me sad, but I’m hoping we can turn it around before we graduate, and spend some quality time together.

Here’s to the home stretch of undergrad!

Callie leigh

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