DIY Headboard: Dorm Style

Hello, World.

When I was trying to make my dorm room feel a bit more grown up, I decided that I wanted a headboard. I found this headboard at PB Teen, but it was super expensive, and I wasn’t sure I would need the headboard for more than a year. But then I got to thinking, and I decided I could easily DIY the headboard. I’m not usually a big DIY person because I’m not particularly creative, but I figured this would be simple enough. My brother-in-law works building custom doors and furniture, and so I asked him to cut a piece of wood into the general shape I wanted. Then my sister and I did the rest. If you want to recreate the look, here is what you need:
Foam Padding/Backing for the stuffing, you can make the padding thicker or thinner depending on how much you layer it. I didn’t make my headboard overly thick since it is more for decoration. That said, it is still comfortable when I sit up and read or watch Netflix in bed. Second, you need a fabric of your choosing. I bought about 3 yards, which was plenty. I used a sturdy, almost canvas material. Third, you need a staple gun. IMG_3157IMG_3159

Steps for a DIY Headboard:

  1. Make sure the piece of wood you’re using is properly sanded (I left this to my brother-in-law because he’s much more talented than I am).
  2. Use either a strong adhesive or your staple gun to adhere the foam backing to the wood. Cut excess foam to fit the shape of the wood. Since my headboard is curved, I trimmed it as close as possible to the curve of the wood.
  3. Once the foam is adhered, lay fabric of your choosing on the ground, with the side you want as your headboard print face down, and put the wood/foam combo on it. Begin stapling the fabric from the bottom up to the curve. As you go, when you finish a side, cut excess fabric to make it easier to continue following the shape of the headboard.
  4. Once all sides are adhered, you can cut any extra fabric that is still left on the back.
  5. If you opt for the little studs, you can then begin punching them into the fabric. I decided I liked mine better plain.

Two things about this DIY: I love the white fabric, but because my walls are white, you couldn’t see the headboard well, so I put navy curtains behind my bed to sort of break it up a bit. Also, my dorm has the weird Triscuit walls that are basically burlap. I despise the wall, but I deal with it.

Do you want to make a DIY headboard for your dorm room?

Callie leigh

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