Insta Favorite: A Color Story

Hello, World.

My favorite social media tool is Instagram. I use Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and all those, but Instagram is my favorite platform for sharing my life. I love photos, and I love seeing everyone’s photos as I scroll through my feed. It’s taken me a long time to get a vibe for my feed. You know that instagram accounts that you look at, and you can just tell who the person is? (Elsie Larson, Carly, and Shannon H come to mind) I’ve been really working on making my personal brand consistent across all platforms that I have a presence on, and part of that is making my photos easily recognizable as mine. The hard part is, though, I often change my mind about which filters to use because certain photos need different things. However, the A Beautiful Mess team just released a new photo app called A Color Story, and it is a serious game changer.

One of my biggest complaints with photo editing apps is they are either highly technical, or they distort color a lot, making a lot of my photos looks tinged in some light. A Color Story brightens whites, and focuses on intense color, while making your photos bright and sharper. I’m so happy with every image I edit, and I feel like my instagram game is seriously improving now that I only use A Color Story to edit my photos. I used to use a bazillion tools to make little tweaks to my images, but now I almost always use a single filter, and then I take down the intensity a few notches. I’ve only layered filters once, but I hope to get more comfortable with the app, and keep learning the tricks.

Here are some before and after photos that I edited with different filters from the app. IMG_0881IMG_3142
This photo was edited with Good Vibes > Disco Ball at about 15% and Essentials > Everyday at 25% and that’s it! IMG_3123
This photo was edited with Blush > Punch at 75%. IMG_2856IMG_2863
This photo is edited with Essentials > Everyday at 80%. IMG_2792IMG_2793
Edited with Essentials > Everyday at 100%, this is the first filter I try. Then I typically try Punch, and if neither of those work, I’ll play around with some others. IMG_3134IMG_3138

Good Vibes > Palm Springs

And this one I don’t have a before for, but I loved how the colors turned out with the Everyday filter: IMG_3121

My favorite thing about the app is all the free features. There are over 100 filters, and you can create you own by saving your editing process! It’s awesome. You can read all about it HERE.

Have you tried this app?

Callie leigh

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