Staying Organized in College

Hello, World.

When I was little, I had a file for everything. You may be asking yourself what a ten year old needed with files, but essentially, I just really liked to learn about things I found interesting. Since then, I’ve always kept things organized and clearly labeled. Something that people are constantly commenting on is my ability to stay super organized. My planner is my life line, and I color code everything. So, today I am here to share my top tips for easy organizing. Staying organized and on top of things can be hard for people, but I want to share my easiest steps for a more organized life.
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Get a Planner | I live through my planner. If you get a planner that you like, and is set up well, you’ll be in good shape. The key is writing down everything, homework, deadlines, activities, etc.

Color Code | Develop a system of color coding. I use colors based on my various commitments. What does this mean? I put all my classes in yellow, RA related stuff in pink, Honor Council in blue, and personal or fun in orange. If you only have classes to worry about, color code based on class!

Make a Routine | Class in the morning, homework in the afternoon, activities in the evening? Sounds good for me, but something different may work better for you. Figure out what routine you want to have, and do your best to keep it consistent.

Make a File | Applying for internships? Applying to jobs? Doing research? Making files may seem old school, but hard copy files are one of my favorite forms of organization. My file for law school is always at my fingertips for perusal, and it’s easy to look through.

Get Major Deadlines in Early | Put major deadlines and tests dates in your calendar early, so you can always stay on top of them. Knowing what’s coming up is huge for success in college and professional arenas.

Have a Digital Calendar and Hard Copy | I always have a planner, but I also have google calendar so that I can pull it up in a hurry if someone asks me something while I’m in transit.

Treat Homework Like a Job | Do homework in shifts, and treat homework like you’re getting paid for it. Well, maybe not totally, but think of it like a job. College costs a lot of money, and you want to do your best.

Stay On Top of Your Inbox | E-mail is the most frequent form of communication in college. I check my e-mail every hour typically (basically every 15 minutes during application time). I flag emails that need attention, but require me to reference something. I email immediately to easy emails, and I archive anything junk-y feeling.

How do you stay organized?


Callie leigh

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