Senior Year Check-In


Hello, World.

I can’t believe it’s already February, and I can’t believe I graduate college in May.. it’s crazy! Time is moving so quickly. At the beginning of senior year, I made a list of things I was looking forward to for my senior year. I wanted to re-visit that list, and go over how everything is going. Here is the original list, and my thoughts on each one.

Being a Resident Advisor in a New Building | I’m so thankful that I made the professional decision to move into a new building. I feel like being in a new building for my last year has enhanced my on-campus experience. My team is amazing, and I’m happy.

Spending Countless Moments with My Best Friends | This has been a little different than I anticipated. Everyone is busy, and everyone is kind of heading in different directions, doing different things. Though I’m trying to pretend like nothing is changing, I can feel it changing. My core support group and go-to coffee date and hangout people are my best friend, and some of the girls going through the law school process. They can listen to me rant about law school, and can relate to all the things I’m going through. So, I’m so happy that the whole process brought me closer to people who have always been in my life, just not as actively.

Finishing My Thesis | Doing my thesis was a great experience. I actually did it, which made me feel accomplished. I’m so so glad that I did a thesis, and that I picked a challenging topic that let me really flex my English major muscles.

My Last Jan Term | I took The Art of the Screenplay, which was fun. I got to watch movies, and write my own beginning of a screenplay. I hadn’t written for fun in a while, so it was great to get creative juices flowing again.

Using the New Rec Center on Campus | This is not as active as I’d like…hopefully I’ll have more time to go in the spring, and will go more.

My Last Gonzaga v. SMC Game as a Current Student| THIS WAS INCREDIBLE. We won! After three years of losing, we actually won in the second half! The game was super intense, but so awesome, and I stormed the court when we won. I felt so much camaraderie with my college, and it was the perfect way to end my time as a current Gael.

Serving as Co-Chair of Academic Honor Council | This experience is so great. I love Honor Council, and it’s what made me want to go to law school. I feel so happy when I’m working on Honor Council stuff, and I love the team of people I work with.

Applying to Law School | Applying to law school is crazy stressful. I was so nervous to submit my apps because once you start looking at what you’ve done, and thinking about who you’re up against, you start to second guess yourself. BUT, I’m in to some great schools, and will update more fully about this in the future.

Hiking to the Cross More | This hasn’t really happened, but I hope it happens more in the future!

How’s your year going?

Callie leigh

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