Law School Update

Hello, World.

Senior year of college is a great time, but it’s also a busy and stressful change. A lot of things are ending while a lot of other things are up in the air and uncertain. One thing that’s been a hugely important aspect to my senior year so far is the law school experience. Taking the LSAT, applying to schools, and then waiting to hear back, it’s been a whirlwind. Luckily, I have some super supportive friends who are going through the same thing or at least something similar. Those of us continuing education have actually become a lot closer, bonding over sleepless nights, worrisome emails from schools, and celebrating when we get the emails with the “congratulations!” tagline. I’m thankful my support team is strong and always there for me. Here’s the thing with applying to law school: the admissions officers know their school best, if you get in, awesome! If you don’t get in, something better is coming along. Law school is a huge commitment, and you want to make sure that the school you attend if the best fit for you.

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So, be true to who you are a person, as a student, and as a future attorney. Make pro-con lists, talk to current students, get a strong feel for the school, and figure out if the school is what will make you happiest for three years of a legal education!

Anyway, I’m currently admitted to five schools, and waiting on ten. I applied to too many schools…this I’m aware of. I had it narrowed to ten, but then added some schools at the last minute after freaking out the my LSAT scores weren’t good enough for schools on my list. I will share where I get in and where I don’t, and where I choose in the future, but I’m waiting until I hear from ALL schools.

I wanted to stop in, however, and reiterate that applying to school, whether for undergrad, graduate, medical, or law programs, is a stressful experience. Just remember that you’ve done your best, you are NOT your GPA or test score, and you have a great deal to offer. Someone will recognize how much you can add to your school, and you’ll end up where you’re supposed to!

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