Hair Envy

Hello, World.

I have a love hate relationship with my hair. I typically go through stages where I love my hair, then I feel like it’s a floppy mess that just won’t do anything. Having my sister as my hairdresser makes things a little easier, since I can go to her and ask her opinion, and she’ll be super honest. I also say, “I want a drastic change that won’t totally shock me,” and she knows what I mean. Anyway, lately I feel like my hair is too straight and a little too blah. I’m getting my hair done on Thursday, and so I’ve been pinning various hair styles I like at the moment. I want to change it up, but I know I also tend to freak out if the change is too drastic and I don’t love it. So, here are the haircut styles that are currently on my mind:
I really like the idea of going a bit shorter with my hair. One of my complaints is that my hair feels too thin when it gets long, and so having my hair on the shorter side gives it fuller body. The Anne Hathaway style is a little too short, as it the other brunette style, so I would do a longer version (probably and inch or two longer). I like the messy style of the middle blonde style, and I like the layers, but I don’t know if it’ll look the same with brunette hair. The bottom photo is probably my favorite. I like how it’s a little longer in the front than in the back. Sort of gives the illusion my hair hasn’t changed too much, but it adds a little fun flair to my hair.

What do you all think? Which style is your favorite?

Callie leigh

What do you think?

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