Tips for a New Semester: Spring!

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Hello, World.

New semester always excite me. It’s odd, though, knowing that I’m about to start my last semester of undergrad. However, I’m even more excited than usual because I really want to make this semester count, seeing as it’ll be my last before law school. The thing about a new semester is it’s almost like a new year, people always say, “oh, I’m going to manage my time better,” “oh, I’ll get at least 6 hours of sleep every night,” “I’ll really stay on top of my readings this semester.” But the truth is, bad habits form easy but are really hard to break. So, I wanted to share a post about preparing for a new semester, and starting the semester off on the right foot!

My tips for a new semester are fairly simple, and are what I use to really prepare for the months ahead. It’s hard for me sometimes to fully end bad habits, so sometimes I fall back into them, but I try my best to keep positive vibes and motivation going.

So, without further ado, here are my tips for starting a new semester:

  1. Make two copies of your schedule, put one in your bag, and the other on your desk | This is helpful because you can look over the copy on your desk while getting ready for class, and you’ll have a copy in your bag in case you need to double check the schedule throughout the day.
  2. Get a folder OR binder for each class | Having a binder or at least a folder for each class is helpful. Need a syllabus? Need an assignment your professor forgot to record? Having all your documents sorted by class cuts down on the time you spend rummaging around.
  3. Invest in good and cute school supplies | I always buy brightly colored folders, fancy pens, and cute notepads because having cute supplies actually gives me a weird sense of motivation to do work.
  4. Make a folder on your desktop entitled “Spring 2016” with folders inside with for each class | Try your best to stay organized, and keep everything easily accessible! If you want to find something quickly, having your digital work sorted by class will help.  This also keeps your computer clean and organized because at the end of the semester, you can add the folder “Spring 2016” to your documents, and have all those documents in your archive, without cluttering your documents page.
  5. Create a solid morning routine | On the first day of the semester, try to figure out a good morning rhythm. Are you going to work out, then shower, then eat, then get ready? Are you going to wake up, make coffee, shower, get ready, then eat? Whatever works for you, figure it out and try to stick to it all five days of the week. Even if you have class later certain days of the week, keeping a consistent morning routine will help you stay focused and productive.
  6. Say hello to people in your class | Making small talk with the people in your class may help make you more comfortable in class, which may in turn up your participation and engagement with the class. Also, when it comes to midterms and finals, having a few friends makes finding a study group MUCH easier. Having friends in class allows you to enjoy the class a bit more.

So, there you have my six ways for making a semester start off well and continue to go well! I get excited for semesters, but I do have methods for keeping that excitement going.

What’s your way of preparing for a new semester?

Callie leigh

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