Drink More Water: S’well bottles

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Hello, World.

I don’t drink enough water. I drink entirely too much coffee and tea, and I’m horrible about remembering to drink H2O. I’ve tried different methods for drinking water, as in different brands of water bottles, flavoring my water, etc. No matter what I do, though, I just can’t seem to stick with drinking a lot of water everyday. Well, that is until I got a S’well water bottle for Christmas. My sister and her husband had gotten them, and swore they were the best thing ever. But I had heard this about other brands of water bottles before, and was always disappointed. The bottles I had used didn’t keep the water cold for long, and if it sat too long, the water got a weird plastic flavor that I didn’t enjoy.

For Christmas, my mom got me the gold S’well bottle. I liked the gold shimmer, and since my sister and her husband were adamant that they were great bottles, I decided to start giving it a try. So, I poured water in it the first day of Jan Term, and about an hour into my class (which means the water had sat for roughly 3 hours since I poured it), I took a sip and the water was STILL ice cold. Honestly, this bottle actually keeps my water ice cold for hours. I absolutely love it, and find myself refilling it 3-4 times a day. Now, I’m not totally converted, there are days I’m not as good about drinking more water, but I’m improving, and that’s important! If you haven’t tried the S’well bottles, I would recommend them 100%, especially if you have trouble staying hydrated!

The bottles always keep beverages warm for 12 hours, but I typically use my bottle predominantly for water since I have an extensive con-the-go coffee cup collection.

How do you stay hydrated?

Callie leigh

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