December Daily: Days 20 -26

Hello, World.

I am here to share week 4 of December Daily. I’m so excited because this week includes Christmas(!!!!!!). I love Christmas, and the whole holiday season. I always get so excited for Christmas, and then it goes by so quickly. I’m glad this project allowed me to relive the holiday again!
On the 20th, my mom and I had hot coco (with peppermint schnapps), and baked all day. We made sugar cookies from scratch, and these weird Butterfingers bites that didn’t turn out as perfectly as we hoped. It was so much fun! I love love love baking!
On the 21st, I wrapped a ton of gifts. I was a little shopping this year, so I had to wrap up until Christmas Eve, but I LOVE wrapping gifts for people. I am not crazy about how the ’21’ turned out, but the flaws of this album make it a little more authentic in my opinion. -9
The 22nd, I enjoyed being home with puppy and family (this seems to be a common theme). -8
23rd! Included Harry Potter, and family time! -7On Christmas Eve, we went to my Aunt Kathy’s per tradition. I wore a J.Crew cream sweater, a J. Crew factory plaid skirt, green tights, and my Tory Burch boots! -6
Look at how adorable my family is? Hunter (the baby I’m holding) is my cousin’s baby boy. He’s so sweet! Carter, my other cousin’s little girl, had an interesting idea for dessert, but boy is she adorable. My mom and I took a photo in our matching Christmas Eve pjs!
The wrapping paper featured at the top of this page is the paper used for Santa Gifts!-5-4
I used a transparency from the Ali Edwards December Daily Main Kit here, and her glitter stars. I used the A Beautiful Mess photo app to add the “sister love” writing to the bottom photo. I also used the app to make 4×6 images. -3-2
I really wanted this page included, and I didn’t know where. Since my 25 day spread was sort of long, I used this to break it up a bit. On the back, it says ‘ho ho ho’ and I used another page, which I adhered to a small bag, to store all the extra images that didn’t make it into the book. In the one you can see popping out below, my sister and I were whipping and nae nae-ing. ;)-13-1
We always have hot coco on Christmas in our pjs. It’s perfect. This year was the first Christmas with Greg and Brie as husband and wife! -14Christmas was absolutely magical! I enjoyed every second of it! I love the holidays, and I love being able to spend so much time with my family. It’s truly the best. I can’t totally describe the pure happiness I feel every year on December 25th. -12
Over the top of my day 26 page, I used the 2×2 page from the Ali Edwards kit, and put in a C, a little tree, and a star. I also cute out the 26 from a gift tag number, and put it in. Then you turn the 2×2 page to see the actual events of the 26th. IMG_2773
On the 26th, I went downtown with my parents, and did a little shopping for my mom, and then we at lunch at the Diamond Hotel restaurant. It was a great day, and a good way to spend the day after Christmas.

Only one more post left before the end of December Daily album!

Callie leigh

Note: All photos in this post were edited with the A Color Story photo app. :)

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