December Daily: Days 13-19

Hello, World.

I’m here today to share my third week of December Daily. Since it was the first week of break, the third week of December entailed a lot of lazy days relaxing and reading and spending time with family!IMG_2689IMG_2690

The 13th was a great day! My mom has a village that she sets up every year, and it’s so cute! We’ve had the village since I was really little, so I love seeing it every year when I go home. My lab is getting old… she moves slower, and sleeps a ton, but she’s so so sweet!IMG_2692IMG_2691

On the 14th, I started re-reading Harry Potter. I love love love the series. It’s so insanely magical and enticing. IMG_2693IMG_2740IMG_2741

Between the 14th and 15th I put in a fun little spread, using transparencies and epoxy letters. IMG_2694On the 15th, my mom and I spent the day at Barnes and Noble, and it was so lovely. I love her so much!


It rained a ton the next few days, so I spent a lot of time in, relaxing with my family. I get so boring so when I’m home because I finally get to decompress!

Callie leigh

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