2015 Highlights

Hello, World.

Can you believe it’s already 2016 almost? Today is the last day of 2015, and while I’m sad to see the year go, I’m also looking forward to starting a new year. I’m a huge fan of new beginnings, and I see the new year as a chance to reset, start clean, while also bringing the things from previous years with you to make you stronger, happier, and more self-aware. So, in light of the new year, I’m rounding up the big highlights of 2015. By highlights I mean things that I really enjoyed, things that went well, as well as things that challenged me, but made me better.

My Sister Getting Married


Photos Courtesy of Amanda Flinn Photography

This year a new member was added to the family… My brother-in-law, Greg! I was so so excited that the wedding day finally arrived in October. I was so happy for my sister, and the day was perfect and beautiful. I shared all my thoughts, and tons of photos in this post.

Time at the Cabin


I spent a lot of time this summer at my family’s cabin, and it was so relaxing. It’s my favorite place to go. We had planned to spent New Years at the cabin, but it’s really really cold there, and since I have to back early to school, it was too much travel in too few days. So, we’re spending New Years Eve at home. Hopefully I can make it to the cabin soon, though. I love it there, and don’t get to go as much when it’s cold (my favorite!).



2015 was a good year for reading. I read a lot, and a little more than I probably would have if I wasn’t an English major in her senior year, but for the most part, I really enjoyed finding great books. Over Jan Term Break 2015, I rediscovered the art of reading a great book, and being really affected by a story line (Me Before You). I hope I continue reading more for pleasure in 2016.



After years of waiting, I’M 21! While I don’t really drink all that frequently (really only on special occasions or with close friends), I like being 21. For some reason, turning 21 made me feel more like an adult. I also feel like I finally lost my “youngest child” syndrome in my family. It might sound funny, but I like that I can sit down and have a drink with my family.

Hardest Semester Ever.


Applying to law school is going well, and I’ll be even happier when I send all my apps off, finished and ready to go. However, trying to prepare for law school, while also taking my last seminar, completing my thesis, being an RA, and Co-Chair of the honor council was a little rough. I honestly questioned whether I’d really make it through. However, I did, and now I feel like I can conquer anything. I’m confident in my ability to perform well, work hard, and be successful! Here’s to an awesome 2016 of finding out where my law future will take me, and to graduating college!

Family and Friends


This year was interesting for family and friends. Since I was under so much stress, I was really homesick for much of fall semester. This summer I spent a lot of time with my family, though. In the beginning of 2015, I spent so much time with friends. By the end of 2015, though, I was struggling with being too busy to see friends regularly and feeling left out since I live alone, and can’t see friends out of convenience. I’m hoping in 2016 I’ll be under less stress, and can really soak up time with friends before we graduate!



I love blogging, and it is the one thing I do because I absolutely love it, and it’s the lowest pressure for me. My leadership roles and academics, while I love them, also have a bit of pressure because I don’t want to fail or be bad at them. Blogging is something I just do because it’s fun for me, and I love the blogging community. I’m hoping that in 2016 I can blog much more frequently. As a result of too much stress on the academic front and some personal issues, blogging took a back seat for much of my fall life. I’d like to put it back as one of my top priorities in 2016.

How was your 2015?

Callie leigh

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