Halfway Through Senior Year

Hello, World.
My life has been so hectic. Fall semester of my senior year of college was a crazy whirlwind, and I was so incredibly overwhelmed and stressed-out for four months straight. In one semester, I took the LSAT twice, took a 12-hr/wk prep course, took six classes (4 reg. 2 .25 credit classes), completed my senior thesis, was an RA, and Co-Chair of the Honor Council. While I had a lot of rewarding experiences, I was totally burnt out by December. I was running on very little sleep, a whole lot of caffeine, and my stress level was reaching unhealthy levels, which resulted in me getting 2 sinus infections and 3 head colds… in a single semester. I’m so glad to say, I SURVIVED, and now the rest of the school year should be easier. For Jan Term, I’m taking Screenwriting (our first assignment is reading the Shawshank Redemption). Then in Spring, I’ll only have 3 classes! I”m so relieved that the semester is over, and since the conclusion of the semester, I’ve been reading at home, hanging out with my family, and trying to recover before I get back into my constant work mode.

It’s really hard for me to fully grasp the fact that I’m halfway through my senior year of undergrad… the only thing I really have left if finishing up law school applications, and then figuring out where I’m going to end up next year. Once I have a firmer idea of where I’ll be attending school next fall, I think I will feel even more relief. The whole law school process is a little intimidating, and I’ll be glad when I can turn in my applications, and say, “it’s out of my hands now.” The whole process is pretty random, but I’m hoping that the admissions officers recognize my passion for law, and my desire to have a successful law career! Anyway, I don’t want to rant too long, but I did want to share my final thoughts about my fall semester of senior year. Just know that if you have a really rough semester, there is hope, and you are strong enough to get through it. Simply try your best.

Callie leigh

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