Gifting Guide: Sister / Best Friend

Hello, World.

The most fun and hardest people to shop for are my sister and best friends. We all have really different tastes, so it’s hard to find something I know they will love. I always have fun shopping for them, however, because I get to look for things that aren’t necessarily my personal style, but I still really love. I also see it as a challenge, and I love a good challenge. I’ve put together a little gifting guide with items that I think are the perfect gift, whether big or small, for your best friend or sister! Some combination of the gifts would be even greater!My Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 8.59.01 PM

My Top Picks:

Pom Pom Hat: A cute pom-pom hat is not only a cute gift, but it is practical too. If you live somewhere cold, a good beanie is a must. This gift will be useful on a daily or weekly basis!

Leather Gloves: I love a good pair of gloves. Though I live where we don’t really need gloves, I still really want to a good pair of leather gloves at some point!

Monogram Mug: I love this gold mug. It encompasses the holiday spirit, but can be used for morning coffee year-around. I think a mug is a great gift if you don’t want to do something too big, but still want to give something nice.

A good sweater in a warm, vibrant color | Sturdy coat in a velvety cream | Festive and Comfy Socks | A pom-pom beanie | Duck Boots (because they’re adorable) | Red beanie just in time for the end of the holiday season | Cozy Scarf | Coffee Table Book about Coffee | Beautiful and Simple necklace | Red Hot clutch | Monogram mug in GOLD | Sparkly Gold Slippers | Camel leather gloves | Tartan Sleep Mask | Cream Bucket Bag | Frasier Fir Candle (smells literally like Christmas)

What’s your go-to gift for a sibling or friend?

Callie leigh

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