My Sister Got Married!

Hello, World.

My sister got married on October 24th! It was, quite simply, the most magical day. The weather was perfect, which was great since we were worried it would rain. All the small details came together perfectly on the wedding day, and we all have so much fun! I wanted to share photos because it was seriously the most beautiful, enchanted wedding. Our florist did an incredible job with all kinds of insane, gorgeous projects. My sister’s “theme” was Alice in Wonderland meets bohemian, or basically a bunch of clocks and teacups and whimsical elements.
IMG_1906IMG_1829IMG_1832IMG_1881IMG_1859This dream catcher was made by hand by our florist. Isn’t is absolutely stunning? I was so blown away, and it looked amazing under the alter, which is made in part from last year’s Christmas trees.
IMG_1835Rather than a guest book, my sister and brother-in-law had people type notes on this antique typewriter! SO COOL. I may have to borrow that idea for my wedding. IMG_1875IMG_1879IMG_1852

Can you get anymore Alice in Wonderland?!IMG_1905IMG_1878The table for the wedding part felt like something straight out of Game of Thrones, but in the best way. The rest of the wedding party sat in gold chairs that were used for the ceremony (don’t worry, we didn’t kneel).  IMG_1876IMG_1827 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1855 IMG_1856Sorry to bombard with so many table pictures, but each centerpiece was unique, and they were ALL so incredible and intricate. Also, all dishes and silverware and glassware was rented from an bridal shop that specializes in antique pieces. All pieces were mismatched, but also really old and pretty. IMG_1842 IMG_1840My sisters bouquet! The gold thing in the photo is a pocket watch, which was set and then stopped to the time that my sister got married. That way she can keep it forever (her something old).  IMG_1862I had a flower crown, and was totally obsessed with it. I’m currently drying it so I can keep it!  IMG_1866

This is one of the three flower girls, who also had an awesome flower crown! IMG_1902IMG_1903The photo booth station! It was so cool. Our florist, Lisa, spent so much time adding small details to it. The clock display was even cooler in person. IMG_1908 IMG_1900“The thing about sisters is that we have this unwavering love and acceptance for each other.” – from my Maid of Honor speech  IMG_1907Rossy made an appearance! My best friend since freshman year of high school. We’re so different, but we’ve always stuck by each others side no matter what. We danced for like seven hours. Too much fun.  IMG_1869Me just creepin’ while the photography took photos of Brie in her wedding gown.  IMG_1904All the flower arrangements the morning after. The wedding was so beautiful, and the family had such a great time. I’m so excited to see the life that Greg and Brie create together. As I said in my speech, “as Emily Bronte said, ‘whatever [their] souls are made of [his] and [hers] are the same.'”


Callie leigh

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