Fall Favorites

Hello, World.

The town I go to school in is currently experiencing a heat wave, and I am not about it. The temperatures are consistently in the high 80s or mid 90s, and it’s frankly much hotter than I’m willing to deal with. Also, if you factor in that I have a head cold at the moment, I just feel cloudy in the head, and too warm and uncomfortable to be super functioning. Anyway, as a result of the heat, I’ve prayed that fall comes soon, especially now that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available (which is the quintessential fall beverage for most girls in their twenties). So, I was looking at a few of my favorite stores online, and while melting away in my dorm room, I compiled a little list of my current favorite fall items!
Fall FavoritesJ Crew Factory Sweater | J Crew Factory Rain Coat | J Crew Button Down | J Crew Factory Grey Skirt | J Crew Plaid Skirt | Brooks Brothers Plaid Dress | Cole Haan Penny Loafers (dream shoe!) | L.L. Bean 6″ Boot (I have the 8″, which I love, but I think I might invest in the 6″ as well. I love the 8″ with dresses and skirts, but I think the 6″ hits in a more flattering place in jeans).

I sure hope the weather cools down soon, and we can start wearing sweaters and boots again! I’m so much more inspired by fall weather than summer weather. What are your fall favorites?

Callie Leigh

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