First Week of Senior Year

Hello, World.

Even though I’ve only had classes in session for a week, it feels a bit like I’ve been in school for months. I find myself consistently anxious because I have so many big things coming up soon. I did want to share, however, some moments from my first week of classes (and a bit before they started as well).
My week started off with Move-In for first year students, then returning and transfer students. Move-in day was stressful and intense, but so worth it because my residents are awesome, funny, and enjoying college so far!
My Duty Team
My Duty team for this year (which includes myself and the other RAs for my building) is pretty much the greatest. My duty team is so supportive, excited, understanding, and just all around awesome. I can already tell it’s going to be a great, memorable year!
On Monday, classes started. I’m really enjoying all my classes so far, and really like all my professors. I took a picture with two of my best friends to commemorate my last first day as a current SMC student. It was so bittersweet!
On Tuesday night, three of my close RA friends and I went to dinner. It was so fun, and I was glad we made the time to go before our schedules get too busy. Since we are all RAs, we often can’t go get dinner as a group because one or more of us is working or has an event, or is catching up on life.
On Wednesday, those of us who are 21 went to Round Up, which is the local bar that has karaoke on Wednesday nights. It was too much fun, though we had to leave early because some rude guy made some snide comments to a friend of mine. The joys of running into old residents when you’re an RA… Hey, we’re people, too, and you can hurt our feelings! Anyway, aside from that, we had a great time!
My first week of senior year closed on a very high note! My friend, Steven, who transferred from SMC when we were sophomores visited. We went to a used bookstore, we went to get food, and we just talked and caught up. It was so great to see him. I only wish I could see him more frequently. Hopefully in the future he’ll visit more.

Have you started classes yet? If so, how are they going?!

Callie leigh

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