Getting Involved: Making College Count

Hello, World.

Now that I’m a senior, I do a lot of reflecting about what I’ve accomplished thus far, and what I still hope to do. I wanted to share my thoughts on getting involved in college because the the more I look back on my own experience, the more I realize that my involvements in different clubs and activities makes it so much better than I ever though possible. So, here are my five tips for getting involved in college and really improving your experience.

getting involved1. Choose activities that fit your personality the best. I’m involved in the college paper, Academic Honor Council, and I’m a Resident Advisor.  Though I’m not involved in everything, I chose activities I felt fit me best but also would improve my leadership skills. I chose not to join clubs that didn’t go super well with my personality because I felt like I wouldn’t get much out of such involvement.

2. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Though this piece of advice may seem like a contradiction, I want you to know that it’s completely okay to try new things. Sometimes trying new things is exactly how you discover your passion for something unexpected. I was kind of scared to become a Resident Advisor, and yet it’s such a rewarding, awesome job!

3. Reach out to the leaders of clubs you’re interested in. When I was interested in Academic Honor Council, I emailed the Co-Chair at the time, and asked a series of questions, but the most important was for an application. Reaching out the club leaders can shed a lot of light on how the club works, the commitment you’re signing up for, and what a membership will look like.

4. Ask your friends what they’re involved in. Sometimes your friends will be involved in organizations that you may really like, but you don’t realize they’re even a part of it. Asking your friends about their involvements may help you find something you want to join.

5. Take advantage of the opportunities you’re given through your involvement. Being involved can open a lot of doors, whether it’s in other aspect of campus or professional settings off campus. So, with that being said, make sure you’re really taking full advantage of the opportunities that arise with your involvement.

Getting involved can really improve your college experience. I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve had as part of different organizations on campus. If you are unsure of how to get involved, attend informational sessions or involvement fairs. Figure out a way in, and then make the most of your involvement!

How do you get involved?

Callie leigh

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