How to Design the Perfect Desk

Hello, World.

Something that I find super important in school, work, and life, is a great desk. Not only a great desk, but a vibrant, inspiring space for you to work in and create great products. You want functional desk essentials that are fun and playful, a perfect balance between creative and polished. I rounded up a few of my favorite items to put into a desk space, and I wanted to share with you, especially since a lot of you are probably starting or returning to college, or maybe even beginning your first “big girl” job.

building a great deskA Cute Photo in a Fun Frame | Having inspirational or punny (or both) pictures on your desk can serve as a constant reminder to get stuff done, be creative, and enjoy what you’re doing. Working through some really dense, boring reading? Look at your cute quote, and be reminded that it’ll be okay and that you’re a rock star.

Magazine or Important Document Holder | I always have this on my desk, and I always put important forms or paperwork in it so I can pull it out whenever I need to, and I don’t have to rummage around drawers to figure it out.

A Cute Notepad for To-Do Lists | I have a cute notepad that says “Get it done” with a cute little zebra. I adore it, and I write a to-do list on it everyday so that I can track my progress on all the things I have to do.

Laptop and Laptop Case | I use my laptop SO MUCH during the school year. It’s totally ridiculous in actuality, but a lot of my work requires the use of my laptop, so it’s always the focal point of my desk.

Flirty and Feminine Lamp | A lot of places sell generic desk lamps, but I think getting something a little more feminine and extravagant can add a more engaging vibe to your desk. The more inspired your desk is, the more inspired you’ll be while working.

An Inspirational Mug for Caffeine | Coffee, coffee, coffee! I always have a cute little mug on my desk that I drink my coffee out of while working up a storm. This “Like a Boss” mug is just too on point.

Fun Pens and Pencils | Again, the more inspired your pens are, the more you’ll feel inspired as you write with them.

Sparkly or Gold Pen Holder | Your pens need a good home too! Having a cute holder for them, especially one with a little bling, will make you want to work! The more you enjoy the environment you’re working in, the more you’ll enjoy the actual work!

What do you have to have on your desk?

Callie leigh

One thought on “How to Design the Perfect Desk

  1. I agree with the coffee, I live on it once the second or third week of classes begins! I usually just drink it out of whatever coffee mug I can find, but I may have to invest in this one because it’s too cute!

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